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Hollywood has produced some truly shocking horror films, but as these true stories reveal, sometimes Hollywood imaginations can't compete with real life depravity.

Robert Pickton aka The Pig Farmer Killer

Active: 1983 - 2002, British Columbia, Canada

Victim count: 6 convicted, 49 admitted

Info: Robert Pickton, a former multi-millionaire pig farmer, would prey on the weak and at risk by promising them money or drugs in exchange for sex. After driving them to his farm he would murder them in a horrific manner, either by shooting, strangling or gutting them.

When police made their arrest they found multiple skeletal remains along with human flesh in freezers and most alarmingly, evidence that he fed many of his victims to his pigs. Pickton is currently serving a maximum life sentence (25 years) with no chance of parole.


Minnie Dean aka The Baby Farmer

Active: 1889 - 1895, Winton, New Zealand

Victim count: 2 convicted, 3+ suspected

Info: Minnie Dean earned the dubious honour of being the only female to be hung to death in New Zealand. In the late 1880s Dean began to take in children for a fee. It wasn't until 1895 (after two babies had already perished in Dean's care) when Dean boarded a train with a young baby and a hat box, but returned with only the box that suspicions were aroused.

Police believe Dean gave the child an overdose of medication and then killed it by pushing a large HAT PIN into its skull. When police dug up the garden of the Dean residence three bodies were found, including one of a young boy whom Dean claimed had drowned.


Yang Xinhai aka The Monster Killer

Active: 1999 - 2003, China

Victim count: 67 convicted

Info: Yang Xinhai is the most prolific serial killer China has ever seen. Sentenced to work camps in 1988 and 1991 for theft and again in 1996 for attempted rape it appears Yang had a history of crime even before he began the murders in 1999. Yang murdered men, women and children in a crime spree which spanned across FOUR provinces.

He would enter his victims' homes, and kill everyone inside with axes, meat cleavers, hammers, and shovels. He often raped the female victims and was later convicted for 23 rapes alongside the murder charges. Bizarrely, Yang would always commit the murders wearing brand new clothing and large shoes.


Tillie Klimek aka The Black Widow

Active: 1914 - 1921, Illinois, USA

Victim count: 1 convicted, 14+ suspected

Info: Tillie Klimek was a true black widow, killing five husbands after taking out life insurance policies against them. Klimek's weapon of choice was arsenic poisoning by putting it in various foods. Aside from killing husbands it is also alleged she killed relatives, neighbours, children and even an irritating neighbourhood dog.

When Klimek was finally arrested she apparently told the arresting officer that "the next one I want to cook a dinner for is you."


Viktor Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuck aka The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

Active: 2007, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Victim count: 21 convicted

Info: In the summer of 2007, friends Viktor Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuck decided the best way to achieve their 15 minutes of fame would be to film themselves viciously murdering 21 people and upload and sell their films online.

Victims were chosen at random and included a mother of three with a disabled husband and a man suffering from cancer who was stabbed with a screwdriver and beaten with a hammer. Horrifically they even went as far as to cut a fetus from the womb of a pregnant victim.

The two were only caught after trying to sell the cellphone of one of their victims.


The stories of these murderers haven't yet made it to the big screen and what these horrifying people did is obviously unforgivable but it definitively prove that real life provides stories more deranged than any Hollywood script writer could.

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