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At the moment, with the World Cup in full flow and the USA just having exited to Belgium, many might feel that the last thing they need is a new soccer game. For FIFA fans, though, news of a new and improved FIFA game might be exactly what all the soccer news around at the moment gets them going. So what can we expect from this game?

FIFA 15's new graphics: amazing level of visual detail!

FIFA 15 is the first game in the series to have been designed for the new generation of consoles. And when it arrives on the PS4 and X-Box One, it will bring with a level of visual detail never before seen on a virtual football pitch.

Not only has each player's face been individually modeled (the days when the Nigeria team consisted of the same generic black-guy face with slight different haircuts are far behind us), but there are a series of small touches that give this new game its impressive sense of realism:

One of the first things you'll notice is the new lighting system, lights glare in a realistic way, or appear muted in the rain. Another feature that adapts to the weather is the turf. Through out a game, in whatever conditions, the field of play will become scuffed throughout the game - but in the rain in will happen more heavily, as bits of turf are dislodges by the player's boot, and whole chucks of pitch are torn up with a heavy sliding tackle.

The players will also now visibly breathe (and breathe heavily, if they have just been made to run the length of the pitch for a goal line clearance!), and they hair will move in the wind.

Corner flags will also now interact to the ball, and goal frames will rattle if a powerful shot hits the bar, and even lift off the ground a little as a powerful shot hits the back of the net!

And what's most impressive about all these changes to the graphics, perhaps, is that they aren't even the most impressive thing about this game!

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FIFA 15's Secret Weapon: Gameplay Uses Artificial Emotional Intelligence

One of the headline improvements FIFA 15 makes on FIFA 14 is the emotional journey made by each and every player on the field and how they interact with their teammates.

Let's say Ozil is having a bad game, misplacing passes, passing the ball when he should shoot, giving away possession too easily. His poor performance will be noticed by his Arsenal teammates. Podolski might might shake his head, at a particularly bad miss, while Mertesacker could clap his hands to try to encourage a renewed level of motivation.

And then, when the goal finally comes, Ozil's celebration would be even wilder!

Mesut Ozil in FiFA 15
Mesut Ozil in FiFA 15

And the changes don't end there. When you are playing FIFA 14 against the computer, the AI will sometimes allow its players to pass the ball around their defense with 5 minutes to go, rather than lumping a ball upfield. Not so in this game.

FIFA 15 has given its AI a different type of intelligence, which now contains not only short-term, but also long and medium-term goals. So if they are ahead but feeling vulnerable, they might get players behind the ball - while if they are behind with five minutes to go, you will see them come streaming forward in an organized way - rather than simply having the keeper move up at the last minute as in FIFA 14.

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FIFA 14 Faults Ironed Out

Moving to the next generation of consoles, however, doesn't mean that FIFA 15 has built everything again from the ground up, and left gamers with a whole new series of glitches. A number of FIFA 14's have been ironed out.

Ever find that corners could be impossible to defend? Unfair offside calls? Those volleys that seem to always go in right at the final whistle? Players turning unrealistically slowly, or not being able to control the ball in tight spaces? These and a series of other tweaks have been made to try and make this the best FIFA titles ever, and the one which kicks of the next-gen gaming experience.

Only time will tell how good it is, but with all the other soccer going on right now to get excited about, fans might find it a long wait!

But what do you think of these improvements? Are there any other FIFA 14 glitches you would like to see fixed in FIFA 15? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


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