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When Ubisoft's smash hit game Watch Dogs came out, many were impressed by the idea of the fully interconnected city in which everything could be hacked and everyone's information was available to someone with the knowhow to extract it - but was the idea so implausible?

Well now, it seems like it might not be. As the video below shows, there are many ways to hack information that make [Watch Dogs](movie:1000357)' Chicago look closer to reality than you might have thought! Check out the points below, and then watch the video!

Watch Dogs Security Camera Hack: This is one of the simplest hacks out there, as it relies only on typing a few choice words into Google. With the right search terms, it is possible to hack into any number of unsecured "security" cameras. With the right camera, you even manipulate where it is pointing, giving you more access than whoever is supposed to be monitoring it!

Phone Hack: So if a camera isn't pointing at you, does that mean you're safe? Well unfortunately, no it doesn't. Your phone contains some of the most sensitive data you could possibly give out, and they are far from secure. By setting up phony wifi networks and getting your phone to trust them, anyone can access data from all your apps. They can include anything from your location, your name and bank details, the names of all your friends, all of your photos and even what you are doing at this EXACT MOMENT. Scary stuff!

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Deadly Hacks: More and more often, we rely on digital devices to keep us alive. And you guessed it, they can be hacked, too! More than 3,000,000 people wear pacemakers to keep their heart running, and millions more wear ICDs or have digitally administered insulin shots for diabetes.

If I can hack that device, I can turn it off or give you an electric shock large enough to kill you, or pump in a lethal dose of insulin.

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The other hacks detailed in the video include car hacks, where I can transmit false information to you (like how much gas you have in the tank) or simply turn off your brakes, and typing hacks which is another impressive trick, where simply by laying my smart phone down by your keyboard, I can know exactly what you're typing!

For all the details, check out this video!

How SCARY is that? And does it make you see Watch Dogs in a new light? Write in with your thoughts below the line!

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