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The Mos Eisley Cantina returns to us rebuilt, but not in promotion for the new Star Wars Episode VII, but in the form of a short film on YouTube.

Corey Vidal (Director, Writer) is known to most on his YouTube channel "ApprenticeA", and those who know him, know he is some what of a Star Wars fan. His first viral hit was back in 2008 with a video called "Star Wars (John Williams is the Man) a cappella tribute medley song" in which he lip-synced to a song by Mooseknuckle, featuring compositions from John Williams and with lyrics inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy.

Since then, he has made many other videos, with many being Star Wars related. Most of them have been filmed by Vidal and his friends and co-workers, with the company he founded "ApprenticeA Productions". With his most recent work however, ApprenticeA teamed up with Disney and LucasFilm and brought us "Clash at the Cantina".

The Cantina set was recreated by Disney and LucasFilm as a celebration for May the Fourth, and is featured in the 7 videos released as part of the Star Wars celebrations, with other videos being created by other online content creators, such as College Humour.

Vidal had sent LucasFilm a concept, and one of Vidal's previous Star Wars inspired videos, "Return of the Apprentice" in January 2014. By February, they had given him the greenlight, and filming took place over a few days in LA in March.

"Clash" also features as part of an on-going action/comedy series that Vidal produces, featuring fellow YouTuber Craig Benzine (WheezyWaiter), in which the two find themselves fighting in varying locations, with weapons varying from frying pans to lightsabers.

You can find Corey Vidal's videos on YouTube under the channel "ApprenticeA", or you can find him daily vlogging with his friends and coworkers on the channel "ApprenticeEh".

He is currently directing "Vlogumentary", a documentary about YouTube, and features many YouTubers, such as best-selling author and Vlogbrother John Green, We The Kings Bassist Charles Trippy (CTFxC) , and founder of Maker Studios Shay "ShayCarl" Butler. Vlogumentary is due for release later this year.


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