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Rockstar are pulling out all the stops for the 4th July!

If you play GTA V's multiplayer equivalent GTA Online, then this holiday weekend could be about to get pretty crazy.

While those in the outside world are spending their hard-earned cash on beer and explosives, in GTA Online they are giving it away!

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Not only can you now undertake races in exclusive USA-themed vehicles like the Sovereign motorcycle and the Liberator Monster Truck, but all jobs taken from this playlist will afford double GTA$ and RP (reputation points)!

The Liberator, New American Truck in GTA V
The Liberator, New American Truck in GTA V

And what would 4th of July be without those explosives? Rockstar are also giving a 25% discount on heavy ammo (RPGs, grenade launchers, and miniguns) AND a 75% discount on Airstrikes! Death from Above!

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They giveaways don't end there, though. Over 1 million GTA$ are being handed out, and well as a one time only AMERICA vanity license plate for the best Snapmatic photo taken and given the hashtag INDEPENDENCEDAY on Rockstar Social Club!!

Check out the poster for the weekend of [Grand Theft Auto](movie:749804) mayhem here!

GTA celebrates Independence Day
GTA celebrates Independence Day

There is a sting in the tail though, for those Americans celebrating their independence on Rockstar's smash hit video game. Rockstar and GTA are both British exports, coming to America from the U.K.!

So watch out Americans: The British Are Coming!


What's the best thing about the 4th of July?


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