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eric fisk (firefighter865)

2 Lane Promotions has announced a new web series that they will be presenting to their members starting July 3rd. These films will be under a minute in time and will show satellites striking different objects or scenes. 2 Lane Productions owner stated these films are one of the easiest and quickest to make and will provide a little fun for the audience and fans of 2 Lane's work.

2 Lane is also in production of two web based series and hopes to premiere them very soon to add to the growing catalog of short films that are being presented on their website. Some of their videos are for members only, but the member cost is a manageable $1.99 per month or they offer a yearly payment. Those Damn Satellites is available to view Free for everyone when it comes to new video but the archives will have to have at least a FREE Membership for them to be viewed. Visit 2 Lane Promotions and see the latest Those Damn Satellites film.

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