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Surprising to me that I haven't done an article on this yet, seeing how I am the biggest Superman nut on this site. Now the popular opinion is that "If you are a Superman fan, then you have to hate Snyder's version of him." Honestly I loved Man of Steel and am really looking forward to seeing what he can do with Batman V Superman and Justice League.

We were given our first look at Kal-El AKA Superman from the 2016 film Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. My thoughts on the photo are...

Looks good. Only minor differences, which is a good thing since I really liked the Man of Steel suit.

1. The hair. This is probably the most noticeable change: his hair is a bit shorter and slicked back which instantly reminds me of classic Superman from the 1940s.

2. The side ridges. In Man of Steel they were very close together but this new suit has them farther apart and I like it.

3. The color. While I loved Man of Steel's suit, I wish they had made it a brighter shade of blue. This new suits seems to be doing just that.

4. The symbol. The symbol seems to have the ridges from the posters' symbol, which is a good change since I was kind of disappointed that the symbol on his chest was different.

Also this could just be me but it seems like his symbol is a bit bigger in this one.

5. The belt buckle is rectangular. Looks fine, that's about it.

Now some think the background is Gotham while others think it is a destroyed Metropolis. I don't know, the architecture has me leaning more towards Gotham City. Overall I really like it, it's a good reveal: show Batman first, then Clark Kent, and finally show Superman. Next you need to show us Bruce Wayne in Metropolis! GIVE IT TO US NOW SNYDER!

What are your thoughts, let me know in the comments!


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