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Disney princesses come from all parts of the world, from the exotic Arabian palaces to the depths of the sea. They all have their unique quirks, adventures and hairstyles. Yet, as much as I love and know every single one of them, it never occurred to me what it would be like if all these girls were actually friends and lived together.

Thankfully Amy Mebberson's imagination and art made this a reality with a series called Pocket Princesses in which she demonstrates through a comic form what it would be like if the girls lived under the same roof.

Mebberson captures perfectly the character of the princesses -Belle's 'bookworminess', Jasmine's slight narcissism, Snow White's perfect composure- and elevates it by setting them in a nowadays context.

The details she adds to every comic - like Merida's coffee much shaped like a bear - adds to the humor and shows the artist's notice to the story of each of the characters.

The Pocket Princesses series contains tons of little quips no doubt most Disney fans will enjoy. To enjoy more these cute comics, visit Amy Mebberson's Tumblr or Facebook page.


Which is your all time favorite Disney Princess?


Pocket Princesses Facebook Page

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