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You know what's amazing about Catching Fire? The fact that Katniss doesn't actually care much about the whole love triangle bit between her, Peeta, and Gale. I find it a little sad that the story of the Hunger Games is about how the media focuses on a make-believe romance rather than the real issues (in this case, oppression of the poor and the systematic murder of children for the sake of entertainment) and yet the media IN REAL LIFE does the exact same thing!

Before I read or seen any part of the Hunger Games series I thought it would be a sappy romance, like Twilight, because of how much emphasis the media puts on the love triangle in the story. I soon realized that the triangle was pretty freaking irrelevant in the grand scheme of the story.

Is it really THAT hard to have a real discussion about the themes involved in the Hunger Games series? Are people incapable of looking at the bigger picture??


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