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It's been ten years since Ashton Kutcher-vehicle The Butterfly Effect was released, a.k.a. a horror-ish movie that managed to cram every horrible thing imaginable into two hours, including child-on-dog murder, sexual abuse of children, and blown-up babies, while still somehow not being that interesting. But now, as it turns out, someone actually wants credit for the film! And they're taking their demands to court...

Sigh, if only she were the judge.
Sigh, if only she were the judge.

Production company Benderspink filed a lawsuit Thursday against Roulette, FilmEngine, Highwire, and Rhulen, claiming that they are still owed a share of the profits from The Butterfly Effect. Chris Bender and J.C. Spink, owners of Benderspink, state in the lawsuit that they were promised 50 percent of the film's net profits. However, the other production companies claimed for eight years that the film was in the red, and there was nothing to distribute.

It turns out that Benderspink discovered the other production companies had received a large payment from the film's distributor, which then resulted in profit. However, the other four companies never made Bender and Spink aware of this payment, thus... LAWSUIT! The pair are now demanding 50 percent of the profits obtained by FilmEngine and Roulette, along with the possibility of damages.

(Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter)

What is your take on all of this hullaballoo? Would you want to be connected to The Butterfly Effect by a lawsuit? Fight it out in the comments!


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