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Jillian Leff

So everyone is super excited about the casting of Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff for next season of OUAT.

I'm not. Here's why:

I just think it's a total media/ratings ploy, an attempt to save a sinking ship. Disney just shoving their hands into a TV show.

Deep down, I knew this day was coming though. OUAT is on ABC, which is owned by Disney. But, the show has done a decent job so far of staying truer to actual stories and fairy tales then being blatantly Disney. Yes, we had stories that are Disney movies, but they are also stories that existed beforehand. (We all know Mulan is debatable, but they only really used her as a character than a whole plot line.)

But this past season finale? The very first shot of the episode was a Mickey Mouse Doll. It was like Disney saying "Here we are bitches. This show is ours now."

And the shot of "Elsa" at the end? Literally the exact dress from Frozen.

Yes there, were debates going around that the show could be doing the Snow Queen, which was the original source material. But this casting announcement was for Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff. Those are not Snow Queen characters. Those are characters from Disney's Frozen, not doubt about it.

Why? What is making Disney finally shove its hands into this show? And why do they have to do that? Remember when it was announced that this show would just be about traditional stories, not Disney's?



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