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The concept of a monster baby exiting and re-entering a man’s junk is not only new, but very funny.

“No honey… this isn’t a racoon” is just one of the classic statements in this comedy horror. Slapstick, stupid and very corny, it ranks as one of the best comedy horror movies we’ve reviewed and we loved it! Unfairly underrated by the usual mainstream horror movie websites, we believe this movie is worthy of higher ratings. It’s funny, it’s well made, has great acting and has excellent special effects. Not only is the main plot well written, all the sub-plots just add weight and humour to the whole movie.

Briefly, the movie is about a young couple who are finding it very difficult to conceive a baby. Then (in the opening scene), the husband finds he is pregnant with an unknown object in his intestines. The whole idea of a monster being conceived and living in the rectum of a man and who is only excreted when the man is in stress is simply sick and twisted but makes for a very funny plot to a movie.

Though totally different from Idle Hands, Aaah! Zombies! and Hell Baby all of which are classic comedy horror movies, Bad Milo continues the genre and provides laughs from start to end. If you’re at all into comedy horror movies you have to watch this. The little monster Milo causes mayhem and havoc to family and friends but is always loved by his father Duncan who, while covered in his own shit, bonds with the little guy and treats Milo like a pet. In a very funny scene, Milo meets his match with a competitive anal creature named “Ralf” who is born by Duncan’s psychiatrist. In another scene towards the end of the movie, Duncan’s wife is re-inserting Milo into Duncan’s rectum when Duncan says… “are you turning him?”. There are too many funny parts to mention in this review and we don’t want to give everything away. Suffice to say, if you enjoy well made comedy horror movies make sure you watch this!

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