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Paranormal Activity: This movie became an over night success, some hated it, others like myself LOVED it! It was a great stand out creepy demon movie. Then a year later we got Paranormal Activity 2, now this film seemed to be nothing but the same story but with a couple more jumps including: Kitchen Cupboards, Baby toys and the BIG (but not really exciting) reveal that this is Katie's sister!, and though I did enjoy it, It didn't seem to bring the same effect as number 1.

Jump forward another year and we get Paranormal Activity 3, Now to me this is THE best Paranormal Activity as i feel it really switched up the series, swapping CCTV for VHS (another great found footage movie also) number 3 took us back to the childhood of Katie and Kristie and in this film we were able to put a name to the Demon, and his name was TOBY! Now Paranormal Activity 3 grossed a worldwide total of $205,703,818,making it the highest grossing film in the Paranormal Activity series.

Lets move on to 2012 when they threw out Paranormal Activity 4. Now there is not alot I can say about this movie other than it was really rubbish! They gave us a new family but kept it in line with the others by spinning a Baby Hunter adoption story line, I don't understand why Katie couldn't have just kept him from the events of PA 2 up until the events of PA 4. she had time to adopt or create another random, pointless creepy kid names Robbie. The only good part of this terrible movie was the last 2 minutes when main character Alex ran over to Katie's house and IT ALL KICKED OFF ending in a really random ending that just seemed stupid and rushed.

Image from Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
Image from Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

The most recent Paranormal Activity movie, The Marked Ones, really set out new ground for the franchise. the change of location and characters really gave it a fresh new start. For me the movie comes close to being my favorite one after number 3. The ending was brilliant as it tied in to the other movies in the franchise.

So what does the future hold for the franchise, well it has been confirmed that Paranormal Activity 5 is happening, however with the original 2013 date being pushed back to this year. There have been rumors that the movie won't actually premier until 2016 ! It has also been confirmed by the writer for Paranormal Activity 2 ,3 and 4 as well as the director of The Marked Ones that the franchise does have an end game however it will take a couple more movies to complete the franchise so looks like we may be looking at Paranormal Activity 6 and possibly 7? who knows ?

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