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Hello, and here we are again, one week after the last teaser trailer was released by the BBC. While last week we witnessed a doubtful Clara and a Doctor who is searching his morality, this week we received a snippet of what might be coming. Or rather who might be coming for the Doctor.

The trailer itself was magnificently done. I loved the camera work seen, with the long sweep through the TARDIS with some slow motion stops along the way, showing the extent of the explosions and the damage being caused. I cannot help but wonder if this is hint towards how the new series will be composed at first; explosive and chaotic but in the hands of the Doctor? In this latest 15 seconds of time we see the Doctor in a way we wouldn't expect, - Right through him. Again could this be a metaphor? Normally the Doctor is so closed off, his thoughts hidden unless he wants them to be known... Will we finally have a Doctor whose intentions of his hearts will be easily seen? I'm not sure. Yet, the voice we hear directing itself towards the Doctor believes that is exactly what the Doctor is to him. Transparent as glass.

The voice addressing the Doctor states with such anger "I see into your soul Doctor. I see beauty, divinity and hatred." Yes, what this voice is telling us is indeed intriguing. However I find the sound of the voice more interesting than the words.

It is unmistakably Dalek. While it certainly is of Dalek origins, deciphering who the voice belongs too is a bit trickier. My first instant reaction was "Davros! Is he coming back?", but now I doubt these thoughts. The voice changes slightly towards the end, making me wonder is it could possibly be the Prime Minister of the Daleks, after all a similar thing was said in The Asylum of the Daleks:

Doctor: "I thought you'd run out of ways to make me sick... You think hatred is beautiful."
Dalek Prime Minister: "Perhaps that is why we have never been able to kill you."

The voice could easily be any of the well known Daleks...and it could just be a crazed Dalek (Is there any other type?), I am still swaying towards Davros. Davros as a Character is one that I would love to see return to our screens on a Saturday night and I have a feeling Peter Capaldi's Doctor would be perfect to fight off such an old and menacing character.

Davros in The Stolen Earth
Davros in The Stolen Earth
Doctor: "Your conversation is totally predictable. You're like a deranged child, all this talk of killing, revenge and destruction."
Davros: "it is the only path to ultimate power." ~ Resurrection of the Daleks.

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