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The Tick is probably one of the most underrated superheroes around but probably also one of the more funny ones. The character is meant to be a spoof on Superheroes but not the way that horrible "Superhero Movie" was, The Tick is a smarter comedy, with colorful characters and a lot of charm, not to mention one of the most awesome female superheroes in "American Maid."

The Live Action version of THE TICK was not as good but it did manage to get funnier as the season went on and you got to know the characters better. About the only casualty was American Maid who's character turned into "Captain Liberty" and kind of did a 180 personality wise but we also got the suave Batmanuel who was a pretty funny parody of Batman, not to mention that Patrick Warburton was practically born to play this role, his comedic timing was genius.

The Live Action version of The Tick on a TV budget kind of proved that this character could work outside of the animated realm and actually be funny. Plus, in the Ticks world, being a superhero is an occupation you can choose, you don't have to wear a mask if you don't want to, you see superhero's dining in cafe's, going grocery shopping among other things when they're not fighting crime (who knows how they get paid though LOL).

With superhero movies invading every film genre, i think something like The Tick could corner the market on true superhero comedies unless Deadpool gets there first but lets face it, that movies gonna be a hard R. A Tick movie could be something that would be fun for both kids and adults and in this Golden Age of Superhero Movies, i think its the perfect time for the Tick to make his return and it would be a breath of fresh air for the superhero genre.


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