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Delisa Elizabeth

So yesterday was 4th of July, what a patriotic day it was. I bet everyone cooked hot dogs, hamburgers, swam for a while, watched a few fireworks, than the whole family got together on the comfy couch and debated on what patriotic movie to watch for the night. I bet everyone decided on that one movie where Will Smith saved the planet from the Aliens, oh yeah Independence Day.

How cliché, seriously people I could name a lot of other movies you could’ve picked besides Independence Day. Ok I get it; the movie is pretty awesome but why is it the only movie everyone watches on the 4th of July? Was no one in the mood for the mini series John Adams? You know the guy from the 1770s. What about the movie that featured our nations capital? You know Mr. Smith Goes to Washington? No? You’ve never heard of it? What about Forrest Gump? That movie had loads of history including the Vietnam War, pretty epic in my opinion. Finally my favorite, The Patriot with Mel Gibson, I love any movie about the Revolutionary War, who doesn’t love a good gunfight with horses falling over? This girl definitely does.

So the next time your family sits down on the couch on the 4th of July and can’t think of any other movie to watch besides Independence Day, you now have a list of amazing movies that you can watch, now you have no excuse but to watch these awesome movies, I promise they’ll make you feel more patriotic before you pass out from all the beer that you drank throughout the day.



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