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There was a really notorious knock-off toy line known as the "Sense of Right Alliance". It was supposed to be a fictional crossover of some sorts, and features characters from the Justice League comics, such as Batman and Superman, and even includes various other characters such as Spider-Man, Shrek, characters from Power Rangers, the Ninja Turtles, Mr. Incredible from Pixar's The Incredibles, and characters from Cars, another Pixar film, packaged in a way that makes them a superhero team of some sorts.

When my brother showed this to me, he called it a "crossover of worlds", but I thought it SUCKED; it was the absolutely worst case of trademark violation/intellectual property/copyright violations. It's somewhat worse than Shijingshan Amusement Park, a recently-closed theme park in China that is a bootleg version of Disneyland (even the park's slogan admits, "Disney is too far!").

When me and my bro were walking around at the Galleria at Tyler mall in Riverside, California, he told me that there would be an actual Sense of Right Alliance movie, and it looked exactly like he was saying it as a joke. I think that the picture above is fan-made, since it has rather impressive Photoshop techniques.

Note, my bro even said that it would have Thomas and Diesel 10 from the Thomas the Tank Engine franchise.

However, I think this movie should NEVER be made! It's mainly due to two facts: the fact that it was a knock-off toy line, and the fact that it would be a huge waste of money regarding paying royalties for use of the characters, which means that the film would be made by too many studios and production companies (that would be a lot of logos!).

Here's the copyright holdings per character/franchise (including ones that I forgot to mention)

  • Justice League (copyright owned by DC Comics, Warner Bros., and Time Warner, the company that owns them both)
  • Spider-Man (copyright owned by the Walt Disney Company, since Disney owns Marvel Comics (and makes films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe))
  • Fantastic Four (see above)
  • The Thundercats (copyright owned by Cartoon Network, which is owned by Warner Bros.)
  • Power Rangers (copyright owned by SCG Power Rangers LLC)
  • Shrek (copyright owned by Dreamworks, which is owned by Reliance Entertainment)
  • Cars (copyright owned by Pixar, whose filmes are distributed by Disney)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (copyright owned by Nickelodeon, owned by Paramount Pictures, which is owned by Viacom)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (copyright owned by the Britt Allcroft Company, which soon became Gullane Entertainment, which was required by HiT Entertainment in 2003, which was taken over by Apax Partners in 2005, and finally sold HiT Entertainment to toy company Mattel)


What would you do if the Sense of Right Alliance movie was actually made?


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