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New images of Horrible Bosses 2 are out and fans can figure out for themselves if the casting lives up to the first one.

The 2011 movie tells the story of three friends, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis, who despise their bosses and when they get fed up of the sexual harassment, manipulation and overall douchebaggery, they come up with an ill advised plan to kill each others supervisors (y'know, to make it less suspicious).

The 'evil' cast in the first movie set up great layers of comedy with Colin Farrell as the drug addict womanizing sleaze who inherits his father's business, Kevin Spacey as the lying manipulative criminal, and Jennifer Aniston as the sex crazed dentist who can't get enough of her dental assistant - and Charlie Sunday is the only man in the world who has a problem with that.

It would be very hard to follow up such great comedy acting, yet the recent pictures might give hope to this sequel. Turns out the new bosses will be played by Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz.

There are no indications as to what type of horrible bosses the stars of Star Trek and Django will be. The basis of the plot revolves around Dale, Kurt and Nick starting their own business, being their own bosses for a change, but the plan doesn't go so smoothly when a very important investor prompts the three friends to pull off a kidnapping scheme.

The teaser released a few days ago doesn't show Pine or Waltz at all but it showcases a few of the actors from the previous movie. Kevin Spacey appears to be in jail, Jamie Foxx is still sipping on a cocktail in a seedy bar, and Jennifer Aniston is back, insatiable as always.

The movie will be in theaters in USA November 26, 2014, just before Thanksgiving weekend.


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