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Be forewarned that this is a foreign trailer, thus, has subtitles. I know that some people do not care for this kind of nonsense, so, you've been warned.

An 80's set Greek film, Norway is directed by Yiannis Veslemes (Dogtooth) and tells the story of Zano; he is a vampire and even more than that, he is a dancer. Set in 1984, Zano arrives in Athens only to be sucked into the dark, seedy side of the city.

Honestly, I don't fully understand what is going on in this trailer, but there are vampires (the non gorgeous type), a guy who loves to dance and wear shiny shoes and the score seems to favor the clarinet? Well, the band geek, vampire loving, patent leather shoe wearing girl inside of me just exploded.

Are you excited or confused by this trailer? Or both?

(Source; Fangoria)


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