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We all know who we want to see or hope to see in the Justice League movie. I am going to cast people I would like to have seen in roles or who could don the cape of that hero. And maybe a few villains.

To set this up I am going to assume DC will use their TV shows in the DCCU. No more reboots and the rumors of Jason Momoa are "true."

1. Superman

Henry Cavill vs...

First off don't get me wrong I love Henry Cavill as Kal-El in Man of Steel. He is perfect for the role. But for the sake of the Voting I have another choice. I would go back and use Tom Welling. I am a big Smallville fan. I used to think that Superman was too good and too powerful. But with a character like Kal-El a TV series is able to go more in depth with the character and has turned me around. Tom does a great job and would make a great Boy Scout for the JL.


Henry vs. Tom

2. Batman

Ben Affleck vs...

Again Ben is going to be awesome as Bruce and will be maybe one of the best Superhero actors we have seen. But again to be devil's advocate I'll throw out another. Younger Ben Affleck! Threw you for a loop didn't I? I would have been interested to see Ben instead in an origin movie (or movies.) I was a Christian Bale fan but it wasn't in the JL Universe.


Now vs. Younger

3. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Ryan Reynolds vs...

The movie from 2011 got a lot of bashing. I personally was a fan of Ryan Reynolds role as Hal and want them to stick with him in the JL movie. I am writing an article on reboots that will be coming soon. Personally I'm against it, but if someone else is cast I want Jensen Ackles. He is a great actor and would be awesome.


Ryan vs. Jensen

4. Wonder Women

Gal Gadot vs...

Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman. Now she wasn't my first choice for the Amazon Princess but I guess the casting people see something we don't. I'm not one that was upset about her body build like some people. I'm more unsure of the acting. The Fast and Furious franchise isn't known for its amazing acting. I love the movies don't get me wrong. But we need actors that can act to make this franchise be awesome. My choice would be Olivia Wilde. She is a great actress and could really bring Diana Prince as a powerhouse to the big screen.


Gal vs. Olivia

5. Aquaman

Jason Momoa vs...

Jason Momoa is an interesting choice. After some thought I think he will be a great pick. He will give Aquaman the credit he deserves. He will be a badass. I thought he was perfect for Lobo, but I'm excited to see where it will go if the rumors are true. If I could choose I would pick Alexander Skarsgard. He would be another great choice for Arthur Curry and he looks the part.


Jason vs. Alexander

6. The Flash

Grant Gustin vs...

I really am interested to watch the TV show and how it will do. If i had to use another actor I would like to see Neil Patrick Harris. I love his acting and want to see him in a superhero role. The flash would be perfect. Maybe more as Wally West but he would be a perfect Scarlet Speedster.


Grant vs. Neil

7. Green Arrow

Stephen Amell vs...

I love Arrow. Period. He needs to be Green Arrow. Honestly I can't think of anyone else that would be better. But for the voting's sake, Charlie Hunnam. He is a good actor and I he has the beard!


Stephen Vs. Charlie

Here are some Villians

Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg vs. Michael Rosenbaum

I was excited about Jesse playing lex until I heard the description of his character. He might still surprise us but I'm not sure anymore. Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg type of character is not intimidating or villainous enough for me. Unless he is going to defeat Superman ambushing him with game requests (those could drive a man crazy.) Michael played an awesome Lex in Smallville and he would be an awesome villain for the JL.


Jesse vs. Lex


Ron Perlman vs. Ving Rhames

Both have commanding voices and a possible build for an Andy Serkis type CGI. But more for the voice than the body.


I could go on with more characters and villains but maybe that means I need to do a part two. Let me know if you liked it. If I should do a part two. Or if you just want to comment just write below.


What do you guys think?


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