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Good day fellow MoviePilot connoisseurs, been a while since I've posted because I haven't actually been to the movies in a while (mainly due to a lingering "being broke" issue) so I figured I may as well tide over my ten (maybe even twenty!) readers by writing a short Game of Thrones blog. Now I would just like to say that Game of Thrones is my all time favourite show, based on my all time favourite books; The Song of Ice and Fire saga. I had planned on making a "top 5 worst changes from the book to season 4", but to be honest I was fine with most of those changes (with the extreme exception of that stupid fucking scene with Theon's sister, and leaving out Lady Stoneheart baffles me beyond comprehension) so I figured I'd take a more positive route and list the characters that I feel have been given new life in the show over their book counterparts.

5. Ygritte

The Ygritte in the TV show is a better character than in the books mainly because of more screen time in my opinion. Since the books are told in POV chapters, Ygritte is only seen when Jon Snow is around her so we don't get all those scenes we saw in season 4 where she is angered at herself for falling for Snow and believing he had actually switched sides. These added scenes made her a much deeper character in my opinion. I also got a much better sense that the two had actually fallen for each other than in the books. Not that it's handled poorly in the books, she's just more one-note, playful and flirtatious. Oh and she's a lot more badass in the show, so that's a plus.

4. Daario Naharis (Season 3)

Now I just wanna say I do like the actor they got to replace Daario in Season 4, I just like this guy a lot more. I could honestly care less about Daario in the books, mainly because so much ends up going on in Dany's storyline later on that he becomes forgettable amongst everything else, and also because I don't trust people with blue beards (fictional or no). The season 3 Daario I liked better simply because of the actor, he had the right amount of "smoothness", so to speak, in his speech and mannerisms that I would imagine in the man who could woo Daenerys Stormborn. He just seemed more like a confident, womanising mercenary than the Season 4 version.

3. Olenna Tyrell

This was another character I didn't really care about in the books, she had some funny lines and whatnot, but again, just so much going on in a Storm of Swords I didn't really pay her much attention. But when it came time to see the character on screen, it all came down to performance, performance, performance. Diana Rigg made me love the character. Just the way she talked shit to everyone, how cunning she was, it was perfect, and I got a much better sense of how she was the real power behind House Tyrell in this version. And more screen time helped again as well, the scenes where she talks to Tyrion and the one with Tywin are two of Season 3's best.

2. Bronn

Now I do really like Bronn in the books, but again, the actor's performance made it all the better. Jerome Flynn is incredible as Bronn, and I think the main reason I like this version so much better is because they give him more scenes with Tyrion Lannister. Flynn and Dinklage play off each other so well that I wish the both of them would quit politics and become a comedy duo travelling throughout the Seven Kingdoms (Spin-off idea right there HBO, I will be expecting royalties).

1. Brienne of Tarth

Holy sweet Jesus, Brienne is such a boring fucking character in the books. She just never has anything interesting to say and was so flat, with her only real character trait being that she's really ugly. So what do you do when you have an incredibly boring character? Why make her a POV character in the fourth book! Now granted while some very interesting stuff happened in some of her chapters, she was still as interesting as a fucking rock, and there are plenty of her chapters where absolutely nothing happened. I basically felt the same way in Season 2 when she's introduced, but once Season 3 hits I felt like Gwendoline Christie's performance brought some life into the character. Then Season 4 was when I started to actually really like her. She just actually seemed to have a personality in this one, actually cracking a smile a couple of times. This may also have to do with another character that was changed from the book; Podrick Payne (as he's only like 10 in the books), but this version of Podrick works very well with Brienne and I actually found myself laughing a lot at the scenes they shared (especially when my boy Hot Pie returned). Not many large character changes happen from book to TV with Brienne, so it is all thanks to Gwendoline Christie for making someone as interesting as a rock, into someone who is...well more interesting than a rock.


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