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Alright, this is the second round of this journey, and so far we only have four questions answered. And can I say, I'm quite surprised by some of the results. Let's take a peak at the first round's results before getting a bit more precise.

First, we found, at a surprisingly even initial poll, that 54% of people wanted our good old, really old, Harrison Ford to reprise as the titular character in [Indiana Jones 5](movie:203950). Honestly this surprised me, as I expected a hands down win for his reprisal, but now we know that, perhaps due to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull forcing us to realize that it wasn't his age, it was his mileage. But it is settled, we will be seeing Ford return.

Second, for the setting, we've decided to take Jones into the cold, both for the terrain and the time period. With a snowy terrain leading the way and earning 38% of the votes, Jones might be in need of a bit warmer of a hat. In second was Jungle, which I also found a bit surprising considering the aforementioned fourth installment taking place in the Jungle, but to each his own I guess. And next we also chose the fifth installment to take place during the Cold War, which makes sense as a result of the choice to cast Ford in the role once again, but this time we chose to leave out Mutt Williams. Interestingly enough, the second most voted category wasn't for another Nazi-filled battle, but instead, people chose to watch his earlier life, just as he becomes the Indy we know, displaying our general curiosity of the character and desire to further understand him.

Lastly, we chose a MacGuffin, or focal point, for the film, and unsurprisingly... I was surprised. What I thought was the most sure-fire poll ended up with a result I didn't expect. We chose a supernatural MacGuffin, winning over the option I was sure would win, a theological. What surprised me even further was a theological MacGuffin was also beat out by a purely religious artifact. What provided for, in my and many other's opinions, the best films of the series, came in third, while what provided for the two...less beloved entries, won. Good thing I didn't bet any money on this!

Alright, now we've arrived at the next leg of our journey, and you'll soon get to vote on more in-depth details.

First up, something that I sort of forgot on the first poll, more because I thought it was a given, we have genre. Over the course of 4 films, we've really been exposed to two sub-genres. gave us Adventure-horror, and the rest provided Action-adventure. As a result of our choice to host a supernatural MacGuffin, I figured we'll take a look at this, with that choice aligning nicely with Temple of Doom. So do we take another heart-ripping horror mixed with adventure, or some more tried and true action inter-mingled with our adventure?


Adventure Horror, or Action-Adventure?

We chose to place Jones into the Cold War without Mutt or Marion, but what about villains? Do we continue to use the Russians, or do we go the route of Temple of Doom and allow for a break between the same villains?

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Who should the villains be?

Next we continue down the rabbit hole with the setting. With the choice to place Jones in a snowy environment, that gives us a bit more specific setting, but lets look at this under a magnifying glass. Remember your choices for the last poll, if you want to see more Russians, maybe placing Jones in Russia would make for some fun, as well as in the US, and if you want the antagonists to be location specific, try and find an interesting locale, I tried to include mountain ranges from every corner of the globe.


What snowy region should our adventure take place?

Next, just a small point of clarification on the MacGuffin, we need to chose whether we want our goal to be "extra-dimensional" like the crystal skull or "mystical" like the Shankara Stones.


Alien or Mystical?

And finally, we come to another integral part of every Indiana Jones romp - the secondary characters. More specifically, the damsels and sidekicks. Every adventure has one. From Marion to Willie to Elsa to Marion and Sallah to Short Round to Henry Jones Sr. to Mutt, it's a given that these characters are present, but there are just so many different variables, so let's get right down to it!

First, let's tackle the damsel. While her looks are a bit too specific and just creepy to decide on, her attitude and opinion of Jones can be varied and offer fun banter and show different parts of the character.


What type of female lead to we want?

But what about the sidekicks? Just remember that these traits aren't exact copies of the characters they reflect, just general aspects of the character.


What type of sidekick do we want to accompany Jones?

That's it for this round, hope to see you here next round. Please comment for more options, suggestions for certain ideas, or you just want to talk. Thanks for voting!


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