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Note some of these already have movie adaptations but they were widely disliked so I believe if they remade these films they could bring more fans.


An epic story stunning visuals could make for an amazing movie.

Gears of War

Once again another amazing story spanning 4 games with the suspense slight horror element that could make for an intense film.

God of War

Since the clash of the titans remake I have been waiting for a good movie based on Greek Mythology,that being said we could have movies based directly on the games and the story would hold up beautifully.

Heavy Rain

Anyone who has played or seen anything about this can understand my thoughts we need more deep stories like this.


We all want to forget the mess that was Doom starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson I personally couldn't sit through it all I don't know many people who could but if it was remade without the first person view I believe it would be an amazing horror film.


Would make for a great dark comedy with some drama aspects if we had the conversations between the terror mask and the main character it could possibly be to funny.

Assassins Creed: The Ezio saga

While the entire series was epic the biggest part of series so far has been the deepest story wise and would be a great timeline to see on film.

Sleeping Dogs

Sure there's similar stories out but the story gets so deep and immersive that you can't help but feel something for every character especially the main protagonist Wei Chen an undercover cop who gets to involved and has to choose the lawful way or to go with his emotions.

Red Dead Redemption

If done properly it could be the return of the western genre of films I could actually see critics calling it a modern western classic.

Resident Evil

I made this number 1 because of all the hate on the original films personally I loved them but I'm a resident evil fan boy I even enjoyed the first person shooter RE title on PS2 but say none of these films happens stick with the storyline of the games and a lot of fans would return as would the horror element. I gotta say if the first movie had been Chris Barry Jill and Wesker in the mansion with a little bit of the other team in the woods a lot more people would have enjoyed it and it would have that feeling of sheer terror.

Honorable Mention: I also feel the need to mention Mortal Kombat though the original was great the second film killed it with horrid acting and and extremely low budget production. It would have made the list if it weren't for MK Legacy I really hope what I have heard about a Legacy movie is true not only do the keep the story true and intense but the fright scenes are incredible there is the feeling that everyone has some sort of martial arts background.

Thank you for reading until next time everyone have wonderfully wicked day!


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