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Being Game of Thrones super fans, the last thing newlyweds would want would be to throw a wedding inspired by the show. They're usually not merry occasions. Let's jog our memories with a few pictures of magical weddings held in Westeros.

Weddings... The Feels
Weddings... The Feels

... Not the fondest of memories...

However, hardcore GoT fans Kerry Ford and Darren Prew had their hearts set upon the idea, and thankfully the day went by with no casualties!

The ceremony was held at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, England, and all those involved in the marital party played their part, taking on the guise of the various characters in Westeros thanks to British video-on-demand provider 'Blinkbox'.

It took a team of artists around 50 hours to transform the bridal party into their fictional counterparts, from Dothraki war stripes to the icy glare of the 'White Walkers'. The bride was dressed as the mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen whilst the Groom became the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch Jon Snow. A couple that is highly shipped via the fandom of the show!

The father of the bride dressed up as lovable mute Hodor accompanied by his grandson dressed as Bran Stark. The sister of the groom decided to dress up as the fierce Brienne of Tarth, while best man Mike McKeown was cold as ever dressed as a White Walker. Check out all the festivities in the video below!



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