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Well, I had an interesting conversation with my friend. My friend and I were talking about the difference between Batman and Spiderman. We talked about the experiences and story-lines for the characters. We did say that Batman had no real change (in some cases) to his character, but there is quite a few reason why the Batman is starting to be hated a lot more.

Too Much Batman

I've said this before in my other article "3 Reasons Why DC's Justice League Hasn't happened Yet!" Yeah, Batman is a great character, but he is used way too much. Hell, I bet Batman himself is annoyed of about this. We see this in movies, shows, comics... everything! Ok, so yeah, the conversation went in that direction at some point and I did agreed with him at that point.

Now this is where the conversation went in an interesting direction. After agreeing with the "Too much Batman" thing, we really got into the characters. At one point, he said Batman has no real character development. That's the dilemma with this topic. Batman is expose so much, but does he really develop as a character... well, it depends on how you look at it. Spiderman, in terms of character development, he has grew through the years. He was a geeky teen that was seen as a loser. Now, let's get to Batman.

Is There Really Any Character Growth with Batman?

Like I said, it depends! Peter Parker is a teenager growing into an adult. A lot of Marvel heroes are people who happen to be Superheroes, but DC has Superheroes who happen to be people. From childhood, Bruce Wayne was forced to grow up after witnessing the murder of his parents and began to have skepticism about everyone. He then grew into Batman. Batman does have character development, but it's different. Batman essentially does not trust anyone, however while in the Justice League and having so many apprentices, he start to has more trust and faith in people. Yes, he was a plan to neutralize the league, but still.

Who he Influenced!

Let's take a look at the Batman family!

This isn't the whole family. Missing Barbara, Dick, Jason, Cassandra and others, but let's focus on this. The thing about the Batman family (Like the Superman family or other mantels) is the people under the Bat are the ones who develop over time because they're usually being raised by Batman. Batman said himself that he didn't want any of his apprentices to become like him.

Ok... yes, Batman is over exposed and He is used too much. There is a reason for why he's used so much. One, he is a fan favorite. Two, he a Justice League founding member and an important part to the DC universe. Three, well... it is his Birthday this year (75 years!) One thing about Batman is (along with Superman and Wonder Woman) is his character is set in stone and has strong moral codes that he teaches his students and everyone else.

Final Verdict: Does Batman have character development? In a way, yes he does, that was the main thing my friend was concerned about Batman. It seems like Batman doesn't change, but in a way he does. He starts to trust his companions and teaches his students not to become like him because he sees a brighter future for them. Also, remember Batman and Bruce Wayne are technically 2 sides of the same coin. So basically, some characters are the moral standpoints of others. Difference is between Batman and Spiderman is the Peter Parker is growing up from being a High School Nerd to a superhero. Bruce Wayne was traumatized at a young age which forced he to grow in a superhero.

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What do you think? What is the thing that makes people hate Batman? Leave a Comment below. This is for you to decide.


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