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The is exhilarating in the terms of watching the episodes without waiting a week to see the next one. Please allow me to dissect several of my favorite episodes. There all new to me even though my husband and I have seen them more then several times. My highlights from my favorite episodes of Season one of The Walking Dead.

Shall I begin with the first episode Days Gone By….the most terrifying moment of "The Walking Dead" doesn't involve a walker, killing a living human. It's when Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up in the hospital to discover a world that is nothing like the one he once knew. It's the loneliest feeling anyone could possibly experience and one that carries the first episode of the series to greatness. Deputy Grimes spends the entire episode trying to come to terms with the horrible future, while holding out hope that there actually is one. He finds a mix of hope and despair with a survivor named Morgan and his son (Duane). In the end, Deputy Grimes holds on to his logic of humanity when he returns to a park to provide compassion to a walker he left for dead earlier in the episode. But it's Morgan's plight that rocks you at the core. The moment where he can't gather the vigor to shoot his walker wife is a gunpowder keg of pain and depth of heartache that makes for one of the greatest scenes in the history of television drama.

Episode "Guts" was a crucial from the series premiere, it was a key episode in setting the tone for the first season. It's the episode that ultimately brings the show's central character, Rick Grimes, into the larger world of walker holocaust survivors and introduces his relationships to the characters who will be the main cast for some time. Without a doubt it's the episode where the one hope that's kept him going so far—that his wife (Lori)and child (Carl) are still living is confirmed. Of course, the confirmation of that hope may prove not to be the deliverance Rick prayed for, and therein lays the critical seed of the drama that was yet to come. You can almost hear a Jerry Springer audience going, "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!" Awkward!!!!!

Without a doubt, Lori gets back with Rick, which disappoints Shane. As if Lori was going to tell her husband, "I'm with Shane now, even though you're still recovering from being shot for being a hero and the world is ending. I'm sure you'll meet someone nice whose arm hasn't been chewed off."

The Walking Dead, “Tell It To The Frogs" As you remember the episode starts with Merle, still handcuffed to a pipe on the top of an Atlanta high-rise. It's both provoking and gratifying that he's more human and likable sitting there, feverishly chattering to himself about his days in the Army, than he was in the entire second episode. Pleasing because it indicates that the writers, knowing he's going to be around for a while, made gestures towards deepening his character. Then, he turns on a dime, and his savage act of will in trying to cease death gives "Tell It To The Frogs" an emotional blow up opening. Remember Merle saying “I’m not gonna beg” as he talks to God or whomever…well he says the same to the Governor before his death.

RIP Merle
RIP Merle

The first season of The Walking Dead, was terrific then and now. Season 1 seems to have revolved around two major stories. While in Atlanta, Rick and the group put Merle in adult time-out by handcuffing him to the top of an Atlanta high-rise building. T-Dog, who is black, loses the keys, and you know what Grand Dragon applicant Merle is thinking: "Oh, that's just like a boy." Rick and company leave Merle on top of the building, escape Atlanta and head back to camp.

Daryl returns from hunting with his squirrels in tow and is told his brother is handcuffed to the top of a building in Atlanta swarming with walkers. Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, and Daryl go back to Atlanta. Rick retrieves some guns, but all they find on top of the building is a hand and a bloody hacksaw….yuck! Merle's fate is unknown, and his brother Daryl and Daryl's impressive crossbow aren't pleased. Shane confesses his love to Lori. We learn Shane went back to rescue Rick, but failed, so maybe he's not the scum we thought he was….wait he slept with his best friend’s wife..

Last of all of my favorites for season one is, Jenner lets Rick know a secret during a "Lost in Translation" moment, and the secret is not revealed until the following season. Jacqui stays behind and is blown up in the CDC with Jenner. The gang convoys away without hope or anyone to do the chores……

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