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It wouldn't make much sense to get started on Part 5, so here's the links to Parts 1-4 of my plotline for my ideal Batman/Superman crossover film that would be BETTER than [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870): It's called World's Finest. The majority of the story is all created in my head, but many of the plotlines and dialogue do admittedly take inspiration from comics, and a lot more is based off of you(the reader) and your votes on the polls at the end of each section! Here's the links to Parts 1-4 so you can check it out if you haven't so far:

Okay, so now that you've read all those, there's no sense in wasting time, is there? Let's get on to Part 5!

(And as a side comment, I'd like to apologize for my multi-day hiatus in posting these; I've been super busy and didn't want to just quickly type up a super terrible plotline for y'all! I wanted to have time to sit down and type up something somewhat enjoyable! So once again, very sorry)

Part V

Bruce Wayne steps into Wayne Manor, closing the door behind him after what has apparently been a long night out and about. He has a girl at his side, arm in arm, and she appears very drunk. She tries to make a move on him, but he just smiles and deals with it, going along with her and laughing as she makes a fool of herself. He guides her to a bedroom and she falls into the bed. He tucks her in, chuckling at her drunkenness. She continues to try to seduce him, but he continues to retaliate in the same way, smoothly evading her suggestions and trying to remain out of her grasp, knowing that she is far too drunk and won't remember this night come morning. (It wouldn't be blatantly stated, but this would be one example of how he keeps Bruce Wayne and Batman's personas from being discovered: since the woman is drunk, all she will remember is that she went home with Bruce Wayne. If Batman was seen at nighttime, the woman would be able to serve as a witness to testify that Bruce Wayne couldn't possibly be Batman since she was with him that night.)

As the woman falls asleep, Bruce exits and makes his way to the living room. All of a sudden he stops, noticing something sitting on his coffee table in the middle of the room. He approaches it, and you can see his jaw tighten as he picks up the item and looks at it. The camera doesn't allow us to see what the item is; we can just see worry cross Bruce's face.


"Yes, Master Bruce?" the butler says, shuffling up to him patiently.

"I think I'm going to need to head out again tonight."

"Absolutely, sir. Do you need me to get you anything?"

"No, I don't think so. Just, um...just take care of Veronica for me. Make sure she doesn't throw up all over herself or anything."

"Absolutely, sir."

Bruce turns and walks up to a bookcase. Just as we've seen in countless media throughout the ages, he pulls on a specific book, triggering a locking mechanism that pushes the bookcase out of the way, revealing a stone staircase that presumably leads down to the Batcave. He turns to Alfred, nods one last time, and disappears into the darkness.

The camera follows him into the cave, seemingly giving the audience a virtual tour of the cave itself as he makes his way to the main floor. The long case of suits rises up, revealing all of his many suits, even more than we had seen earlier on in the movie. He reaches in and grabs one, and immediately begins to suit up.

The Batcave
The Batcave

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Superman is on the ground, seen kneeling next to a child, who is teary-eyed and sobbing.

"Where's the last place you saw your parents?" he asks, placing his hand on the child's shoulder. The kid shrugs, crying even more. "Don't worry, son, it'll be alright. We just need to --"

A young couple runs up from behind, their hands flailing and their faces red from a lot of running. "Superman! Superman! Please help, we've lost our -- oh, Victor!" they yell, stepping past Superman and up to the little boy, pulling him into their arms and hugging him tightly. Superman smiles and stands. The parents turn into him. "How can we ever repay you?"

"By keeping a closer eye on your kid," Superman says, flashing them a smile. "Don't let him out of your sight, because you never know when -- " all of a sudden he stops, looking down as he tries to listen. The camera zooms in on his ear, where we see quick, small vibrations, letting us know that he is picking something up with his super hearing. We the sound of an explosion. "Excuse me," Superman says, smiling out the now dry-faced child and his parents one more time before shooting up into the nighttimer air.

Superman rises higher until nothing blocks his vision. He circles in the direction of the sound, and then his eyes grow wide as he sees its source: the top level or LexCorp Tower -- Lex's penthouse -- is ablaze, sending smoke rising into the air.

Superman gasps. "Lex," he says. The camera cuts as he leans forward and shoots off in the direction of LexCorp as fast as possible, a determined look on his face.


The scene cuts back to the Batcave. Batman is mostly suited up, only missing his cowl. As he latches his belt, the computer screens before him buzz to life. All the screens shift into a single newscast, where a reporter stands at the base of LexCorp tower. The shot is angled so that the blaze above is quite visible.

"Just in: the upper levels of LexCorp Tower are up in flames. It is believed that Alexander Luthor, CEO and founder of LexCorp, is in the building and most likely in the blazing area, where his penthouse is located. Word has not arrived yet as to who else might be in the building with him. Just moments before, it was reported that Superman was seemingly in some sort of confrontation with Mr. Luthor, who had attacked the Man of Steel verbally over national news just earlier this week. Whether Superman and Luthor's meeting had anything to do with the blaze is also undetermined, but for now we can assume that the two incidents are totally unconnected."

Bruce shakes his head in disappointment, closing his eyes as he pushes the cowl over his head. He presses a button on the keyboard in front of him, and the Batmobile rises up from the ground. The top slides open and he hops in. The headlights flash on and the engine revs, and with that, Batman and the Batmobile drive off into the dark tunnel before them, causing them to disappear from sight.

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The Batmobile
The Batmobile

Superman lands in the midst of the flames, looking around the penthouse as he searches for the billionaire. He looks left and looks right, squinting his eyes and looking throughout the flames. At last he catches sight of the man, who is convulsing next to his bed, writhing in pain. His hands scratch at his hair, and he yells at the top of his lungs. For once, the billionaire seems out of control.

Superman begins to make his way towards Luthor, but all of a sudden stops. He does the same head motion he always does when he is listening, bending his neck forward, chin close to chest; the camera zooms in. A high-pitched, cackling laugh blasts his ears and he shakes his head, realizing that super hearing is not necessary. The laugh is from nearby. He uses his x-ray vision to look in the direction of the laugh, and he can see a lanky body running away, grabbing his stomach as he laughs uncontrollably (just as the x-ray vision was portrayed in Man of Steel, we can see all the bones and vital organs of the person). Superman visibly begins to make his way after the individual, but then pauses, looking towards the billionaire, who is still writhing in pain and tearing at his head, which is taking on the most damage. Superman realizes that even with his superspeed, if he were to pursue the culprit, Lex would die, and that by saving Lex, he potentially might not be able to catch the culprit. His indecision crosses his face, but without another thought, Superman speeds to Lex -- now unconscious-- grabs him, and flies him to out of the building.

Holding Lex in his arms, he glides to the ground softly, placing the unconscious CEO into a stretcher, which some nearby paramedics were already setting up. Superman and the paramedics exchange a few words, and then he steps away as the paramedics load the stretched into the ambulance and zoom off.

Superman pauses as he sees the large crowd gathered around, watching anxiously, and also a few reporters, who rush him to question him about the fire. Still looking worried, he apologizes and flies away, back into the burning building. Using his super breath, he blows the fire out in no time, and then he pauses, listening for the laugh. There is silence. He sighs, flying up and out of the building again, flying higher and higher until the entire Metropolis is below him in aerial view. He closes his eyes and begins to listen. We can hear a mixture of all the different sounds one would hear at nighttime -- partying kids, police sirens, laughter, prayers, etc. He hears the sound of tires squealing on asphalt at an extremely quick rate, water splashing beneath them as they make sharp turns -- a getaway. Superman opens his eyes as he pinpoints the noise, and the camera circles around from focusing on him until it focuses on what he is looking at: a jet black, lengthy car, zooming through the streets at a ridiculous speed, not bothering to stop for stop lights or stop signs, and just swerving through the traffic. The car makes sharps turns and continues on, moving away from LexCorp.

Superman squints in the direction of the car and then, with one more desperate breath, he takes off.

Dramatically landing in the middle of a deserted road, Superman rises to an erect position and stands with a determined face, and after a second or two, the long black car turns onto the street and starts barrelling towards him at a ridiculous speed. Superman holds his ground.

The Man of Steel in Batman v Superman
The Man of Steel in Batman v Superman

The car continues to zoom towards him, not showing any signs of slowing down. Superman doesn't show any signs of backing away.

And then the car stops, just inches away from him (the breaks barely squeak). The drivers door open up, opening upwards rather than swinging outwards like a regular door. Batman steps out of it and the door shuts.

Superman looks shocked -- he had assumed that it would be the linky man from LexCorp Tower to step out. He uses his x-ray vision to see inside the car (the Batmobile), but there is no one there.

"You're in my way," Batman says.

Superman looks down, trying to make sense of the fact that he had been mistaken. "I've--"

"--been framed," Batman cuts in.

Superman looks up at him, confused. "What do you mean?"

Batman doesn't move from his spot, but just stands there gruffly. "You think it was an accident that LexCorp catches on fire just moments after you are seen floating right outside of it? Someone's trying to turn the people against you. Trying to ruin your image."

Superman looks away, thinking about the information that Batman just fed to him. "You're saying that--"

"Yes. And it wasn't me."

Superman looks at him. "Oh, I know that. I saw the guy. He's--"

"Tall, lanky, high-pitched laugh? Yeah, I know," Batman says, obviously not one who enjoys letting people finish their sentences. "You're in my way," he repeats.

Superman, unsure what to say, steps out the way of the Batmobile, and Batman gets in, closing the door behind him. He pulls up so that the window is directly next to Superman, and then rolls the window down. Without looking in Superman's direction, he says, "Let me handle it this time," and then floors the gas. The Batmobile peels out and makes a turn, disappearing from sight. Superman watches on, his jaw tightening as his mind continues to contemplate the information that Batman just told him. The scene cuts with a close up of his face.


The next scene opens up with a news report. A close up of an anchorwoman sitting at a desk, smiling, while a picture of a smiling Superman is located at the top right corner of the screen. The tagline at the bottom reads "Superman Gone Rogue?"

"LexCorp Tower in downtown Metropolis will remain under renovation for quite some time, it seems, after a mysterious fire two nights ago destroyed the upper three levels of the building, which serves as the headquarters of the multi-billion dollar corporation." Footage from fire the previous night is shown, apparently taken from a helicopter that was circling around the building. Little can be seen through the intensity of the flames. "Despite an in-depth exploration and investigation of those upper levels, detectives have been unable to determine the cause of the fire, but it is believed to have not been an accident. Based on reports, investigators have determined that the fire was a planned crime, aimed at taking out Alexander 'Lex' Luthor -- CEO and founder of LexCorp -- who is now bedridden in Metropolis General Hospital, suffering from multiple third-degree burns all over his body.

"It has been reported that Superman was seen flying just outside of LexCorp moments before its combustion, leading many to believe that the Man of Steel himself caused the fire, simply as an act of retaliation or even vengeance towards Luthor, who was reported earlier this week for having stated that Superman 'is an alien and does not belong on our planet,' along with many other derogatory statements towards Superman, who has, in the past few months, contributed very positively to the reconstruction efforts within Metropolis and has become a revered hero and icon to men, women, and children worldwide. Superman himself did not release a public statement regarding his opinions of Luthor, but many believe that this could have been his statement. WGBS talk show host Cat Grant is here along with U.S. officer Lieutenant General Swanwick to discuss their opinions regarding the matter. Miss Grant?"

An extractive blonde lady pops up on the screen, side by side with General Swanwick, the general introduced in Man of Steel. Cat smiles at the camera. "Well, I personally think it's plausible. As Mr. Luthor said before, Superman does have great, great power that just might go to his head, and who's to say that it hasn't already? This could have been the first step of many towards him trying to take over the world, to--"

General Swanwick cuts in, causing Cat to look frustrated. "Now, I'm sorry, but I have to interrupt here. I myself wasn't a big fan of...Superman in the beginning," he seems to have a tough time saying Superman, seemingly thinking the title somewhat ridiculous, "and I was afraid of the same things that Mr. Luthor and Miss Grant seem to be afraid of now, but I got a chance to personally work with the man during Zod's attack, and I must say that he has nothing but good intentions. As he has stated, he has lived her for his entire life and this world is more of a home to him than Krypton ever was. In his eyes, it seems like we are his people, and he has a good enough heart to use his special abilities for the betterment of mankind. I refuse to believe he would have done something like this to Mr. Luthor. Heck, we even know that he's the one to rescue Luthor from inside the building! Why aren't we reporting anything about that? It seems like an important fact to mention, being that there were plenty of people there to testify that Superman himself rescued Luthor from the building and put an end to the fire. If it weren't for him, Mr. Luthor wouldn't be alive to tell the tale."

"I see," the reporter responds, not making any more comments. "Miss Grant, you were saying?" Swanwick looks annoyed that his comment was brushed off so quickly.

"I was saying that there might be some truth to it. I personally think that Superman is most definitely a potential threat, but I can also say that having never met the man, I can't give a definite opinion. From the information we have, though, I'd have to say that he's looking pretty darn guilty."

The anchorwoman holds her fingers to her ear, listening to her earpiece. "Miss Grant, General, I'm actually going to have to cut you off. We've just received news that Mr. Luthor is being released from the hospital, and we might be able to get a personal statement." The footage cuts to Lex, all bandaged up but still wearing a suit, being escorted out of Metropolis General Hospital, his face bruised and head wrapped tightly in a thick bandage. He looks well rested but stressed, and his face his puffy. Cries of "Mr. Luthor, Mr. Luthor!" can be heard from all directions. Finally, he stops and turns to one reporter.

"Mr. Luthor, what comments do you have to make regarding the fire at LexCorp?"

Luthor turns to him and smiles. "Let's just say that I hope that this message got through to everyone out there. Now I hope you can see just how dangerous harboring an alien can be."

"So you're saying that Superman caused the fire?"

"I see no other explanation," Lex responds, looking from camera to camera. "He drops by my house, floating right outside my window, asking why I don't like him. I tell him why, and he doesn't seem to like my answer. He says he wants my trust, but I tell him he can't have it, because I don't think he's earned it yet. I turn and go to bed, and next thing I know, I wake up, my entire body on fire, and he's there 'saving the day,' just like always. It was all an act. Set the place on fire and then come back and rescue me so that no one knows he's the bad guy. It's all peachy until people see right through his ruse, isn't it?" Superman nods as if saying 'that's all I have to say,' and he is escorted away from the paparazzi. The footage cuts back to the anchorwoman.

"Well, make of that what you will," she says. "Miss Grant, General Swanwick, thank you for joining us today, and I'm sorry for that interruption. It would appear we are out of time for today, so I'll end with this: Luthor has made his viewpoint clear, as have many other people who were on scene during the fire. So I ask you: who is Superman, friend or foe? Has the man we've come to know and love been playing a trick on us this entire time? Just who is the Man of Tomorrow and what tomorrow does he promise us -- one of hope, or one of oppression? Go to our website,, and let us know what you think."

(to be continued...)


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