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With the first official image of Henry Cavill in the upcoming [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) the internet responded in kind to the image. Getting a similar response to the first image of Batman, the gloomy image of Superman was touched up by numerous people who had their own ideas on how it should look.

Check out the original and the adapted images below:

This next image was created by Marvel artist Scott Johnnson, who claimed that he "fixed it". He gave superman a slightly more sunny disposition, bringing some good old Metropolis cheer to Gotham.

Here we see an image by Supergirl artist Jamal Igle who seems to be turning Superman's cheer all the way up to eleven.

We go back to the dark brooding color palette for this final one, but we see Superman doing a bit of spooning with old Bats. Bats looks like he needs a bit of a spoon, he's been looking this gloomy for a while now in various situations. Lucky for him he's got a friend in old Clark. This one has gone viral and seems to be the fan favorite.

So what's been your favourite of this round of photoshops?


The Best Superman Photoshop

Source: ComicBook

Image: FanBoysInc


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