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In a story direct from Jaws, a Southern Californian man had every beachgoers worst nightmare come to life on Saturday morning. However where I would have certainly panicked in terror, Steven Robles took extraordinary action.

While swimming at Manhattan Beach, Robles unknowingly strayed into the path of a seven-foot Great White Shark who was snagged on a fishing line. The shark began mauling him and this is when Robles sprung into superhero mode.

Robles shows some of the injuries he received
Robles shows some of the injuries he received

His quick thinking and natural reactions led him to grab the shark by the nose.

Instinctively, I took my hand and grabbed its nose and tried to pry it off my chest

That's right folks, his first instinct was to engage in hand-to-fin combat.

After his spectacular efforts Robles was pulled to land by fellow swimmers and has since been released from hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery after his impressive battle with this predator of the deep.

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(source: Daily Mail, ABC7)


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