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So according to Kurt Sutter's twitter, a character will be semi-naked throughout parts of the upcoming season 7 of [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186).

Here's what he had to say:

For all you scotophiles, I can safely say that there will be semi-naked CHIBS this season.

On another note Sutter also said that he's been receiving a series of gifts from the show's latest cast addition, Marilyn Manson:

Every time Manson comes to a readthru he brings me a gift. Speaking for showrunners everywhere... thank you.

Reportedly, Manson's gift was a book called "Sacred Numbers" by Miranda Lundy which had a note inside saying:

To K.S., My sweet brother ... The Big 7. I hope it cracks that code... to K.S. from M.M

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Manson had already been a huge fan of the show and was very happy to take a role in the final season and it would appear things are going well with himself and the showrunner. Manson will be playing a recurring character in Season 7 called Ron Tully who is a white supremacist.

Sons of Anarchy returns to FX with its seventh and final Season this September.

So are you looking forward to Manson as a white supremacist?


Manson as a white supremacist?

Source: IBTimes


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