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Warning: Spoilers below!

After Sunday's heartbreaking episode of True Blood, fan-favourite Alcide Herveaux was torn from us in the second death of season seven.

The werewolf was shot while tracking Sookie who ventured into the forest with Bill, but Manganiello felt that the death was incredibly well suited to his character. The 37-year-old joked with the Hollywood Reporter that;

I die naked in the woods with nothing but my sock on. Given Alcide’s track record on the show, I was like, 'that’s about right

While I was shocked to see such an integral character get killed off with such swift brutality, apparently the shrewd Manganiello figured out his character's fate a long time ago.

Manganiello guessed that his character was toast as soon as he learnt about the time jump between season six and seven. He explained that;

When I read the last season finale, my first reaction was, he’s dead. I knew he was going to go before the season started. I called it.”

When pushed further about how he was so positive that his character was going to die, Manganiello showed the logical realist within him by telling interviewers that;

If you do the math equation — in a final season, you want to kill as many people as possible, which left me, and when you get rid of all the werewolves, I knew that’s what was going to happen. When Alcide got together with Sookie at the end of the season, it was like, I'm in the A plot, but Sookie's not going to end up with him. You can’t have her break up with him, then the audience wouldn't like her. You've got to kill him.

The actor also went onto to explain that, although he was emotional about acting out his final moments as Alcide, it was the physical side of the final scene that really took it out of him. He said that;

It was really, really cold that night, about 30 degrees. I was naked, and the director kept shouting to me that I had to stop rattling — because my body was rattling, it was so cold — and I was like, “Damn it, I'm trying!” I had to be dead, motionless, with the weather at 30 degrees. That was definitely the most difficult thing about shooting that scene

Manganiello, if you're reading this and you ever happen to be naked and cold on the floor again, please contact me immediately, I make an exceptional blanket!


Were you shocked by Alcide's death?

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