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Well... That was a headline that I never thought I would write! After whispers of a divorce from Star Magazine filled the internet like a foul stench, more foetid dirt is bubbling out of the woodwork about Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Channing Tatum's marriage.

Obviously, when gossip as juicy as this hits the fan, there is going to be a lot of back-splatter. Even though Chan and Jenna have publicly stated they are not divorcing, the internet is going wild and dreaming up reasons they could be splitting.

The latest being bisexual Channing Tatum's sexuality driving his wife into fits of jealousy about his drunken parties with the lads.

According to the Star Magazine report last week, Dewan-Tatum struggles with huge jealously issues that are justified by Tatum's behavior. An insider source explained that;

Chan and Jenna have a lot of jealousy issues. He thinks she's too clingy, and she resents that he acts like a bachelor out all night with women hanging all over him. The truth is that Chan's career has taken off since he and Jenna got together, and all the attention he gets just drives her insane. When they're not together, she is constantly texting him of calling him to find out where he is and who he's with. He feels suffocated; it's like she's pushing him away. But she has a good reason to be worried, because he is a huge flirt

So, where did the bisexual angle come from? After doing a bit of digging, it seems like it is directly yanked from the internet's scandal ridden asshole! I can find no evidence to support Classicalite's claims. Not even an anonymous source.

It seems a bit prejudiced to me to suggest that a bisexual person cannot stick with one partner by implying that they are rabid sex beasts...

Who knows if Chan's marriage is really in trouble, but if it is I would say a change in dynamic would be to blame. Channing Tatum was a total unknown when he began dating Jenna, and this huge role reversal must be difficult for the both of them to deal with.


Do you think Channing Tatum's marriage is in trouble?

(Source: Classicalite via Star Magazine)

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