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H.R. Giger is responsible for some of the most iconic designs in cinema history. His most famous work, without question, being the xenomorphs and set design from the Alien series.

Most recently you would have seen his influence in [Man of Steel](movie:15593) as the design for Krypton and its civilization were heavily influenced by his works.

However aside from his illustrative pieces, Giger was also a sculptor, painter and photographer. Photography was how he documented most of his life, including his illustrations and works in progress.

Recently, a series of never-before-seen Polaroids have been released and they are just as odd as you might imagine from Giger. Based on these Polaroids we can determine what designs certain movies used. They will be part of a book about the artist called H.R. Giger: Polaroids.

Check them out below along with the movies they influenced:

The Biomechanics of Man of Steel

While there is an obvious Xenomorph comparison if you look closely at the background, there are lots of similarities to the Man of Steel design also.

Xenomorph and other Alien designs

Kryptonian Masks and Helmets from Man of Steel

Here a few of the other Polaroid portraits included in the book:

So do you like the Giger influence on movies or do you think it's dated?


Giger in movies


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