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Some meetings seem fated by the Gods:

When Harry Met Sally.

When Laurel met Hardy.

When Damon met Affleck.

When RPattz met KStew.

Some, though, seem more like beautiful reminders that the universe can be a wonderful place - especially when they feature two geek icons meeting for the first time, and one of them getting massively overexcited by it.

Cue, Kevin Smith's recent Instagram:

Yup. That's Kevin Smith meeting George R.R. Martin. And freaking out about it.

And, as if that isn't enough visible excitement on Smith's face, his attached comment was a masterclass in self-deprecation and pure geekdom:

"Future Kev came back in time to tell me that a) I dump jerseys for vests at age 50, and that b) Winter is coming."

Which, if it were true, would actually be really reassuring. It'd be good to know that if something were to happen to Martin, Smith could pick up the slack, and finish the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Though, since that would dramatically increase the chance of us seeing Jon Snow swearing profusely as he tries to get Daenerys to sleep with him, while Tyrion gets high in the background, that might just ruin everything in the universe that ever has, is, or will have been.

So get writing, George!

[Game of Thrones](movie:817617) will return in 2015. Most likely without Kevin Smith's creative involvement.


What do you guys think? What geek legend would you most like to meet?



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