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Matthew Chapman

I love the Disney movie, have never seen the Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman series but was curious about this version.

This was actually really hard for me to watch. I watched 6 episodes and then it was 6 days before I turned it back on, literally forcing myself to watch it.

A show like this is most definitely one that would probably be better as a 12-episode season instead off 22. It felt like it went on forever.

For me, what I dislike most about the show is Kristen Kruek! I didn’t like her in Smallville and I don’t like her in this. Her character is supposed to be a detective? HA! In no way was she convincing as a detective or apparently a near 30 year old!

The cast is full of young 20-something actors, including everyone in the police precinct, with one or two older characters floating away in the background.

I like the characters of Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), the Beast (although it looks like he just walked off the Teen Wolf set!), and his best friend, J.T (Austin Basis), who were pretty much the only reason I turned it back on.

The story gets a bit repetitive throughout the season. Will they get together? Won’t they? There’s a cure? There’s no cure? Which got boring… fast!

For detectives, they sure do make a lot of rookie and idiotic mistakes like looking for evidence without gloves on, not being very conspicuous about what they are talking about and plenty of others.

I won’t be watching anything more of this show.


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