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What I loved about Noah's representation is that it did not hide from the really difficult parts of the story. The writers/producers used their imagination to really wrestle with some theological difficulties in a fair manner. A few quick points: God has just condemned every human being to death. It's tempting to say, 'no, just the evil ones', but by that do we mean that Noah and his family were without sin? That's a pretty thorny interpretation to defend. Really, what would a righteous, fair-minded man contemplate as he survives the destruction of the rest of his race/mankind?

Is not one of the central postulates of Christianity that we all are fallen and deserve death? The meeting point of justice and love in God is not an easy characteristic to identify. Second, human sin is disturbing. No way around it. The extent of human sin, when seen in non-abstract terms is disturbing beyond belief . Think for a minute or two about Nazi Germany, about rape, about how much damage our society can unthinkingly inflict in every minute that passes. I too, emotionally over-run, have at times wished that humanity never was. No one is really without sin.....

Atheist neighbor of mine has been quick to point in disgust to God's 'genocide' in this movie. I'm sorry, but killing everybody has a cruel overtone on the surface. Hard to accept. This movie did a pretty good job of giving credence to a divine decision that (outside the Christian world) is widely denounced. I think this movie tentatively explores some really slippery avenues of thought. Mercy, Divine Judgment and Human Righteousness are not easy, empty concepts. The acting in the movie, for the story-line it presents is beyond awesome. Russell Crowe does a fantastic job as does Anthony Hopkins. It is exciting and it is engaging and keeps your interest and attention.

I did not find the film to be a blatantly, in your face, atheism, rabid environmental movie at all. I did find it took some significant artistic license to advance a version of Noah's fulfilling the command to build the Ark, in a way that was not completely consistent with the Bible, but nonetheless, in the end, remained true to the basic account. In my own opinion it is a great movie worth the watch.

First movie review...As always feedback is welcome in my neck of the woods or should I write ark.....


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