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Toy company Funko, has been around since 1998, and is most known for producing over a thousand licensed bobbleheads. While Funko covers products on all genres of movies, music and TV shows, they've been pumping out some seriously awesome horror collectibles in recent years, and they're all affordable!

More specificly, Funko has had triumphant success in their Pop Vinyl figurine line. The vast line covers everything big in pop culture, and brings back some oldies like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. These only go for about ten bucks a piece, and stand 3 3/4 inches tall. But, once they're sold out I've seen some go for hundreds on bidding sites, including ebay.

They even did a Sharknado! And there's plenty of The Walking Dead going around.

As of late, Funko has released their ReAction figures line. They're 3 3/4 inch retro action figures. They look old, and like vintage figures, there's not very good sculpting or painting. It's all kind of bold, but that's the beauty of it- they're not keeping up with today's collectibles, they're recapturing old ones! The ReAction line covers films like Terminator, The Crow and The Rocketeer. Most notably, the horror ones are great looking.

It's a great time to be a toy collector right now. If you're into the high-end expensive stuff or the cheap affordable stuff, it doesn't matter. Toys have made a comeback in a huge way, and with it has come again the merging of horror and pop culture. Sure horror scares you, but when you see how cute and harmless the little Pop Vinly figures are, it makes it easy for anyone to become a collector of even characters of the macabre, like Chucky.

Luckily, Funko's products are available everywhere! I can't go to the drug store to buy a pack of gum and pick up a prescription without seeing some sort of Pop Vinyl figure. If you don't go out often, or can't find a specific piece you want, I recommend going to They've got you covered when it comes to pop culture merchandise.

With the comeback of toys, has come the comeback of horror icons. Not that the big horror icons ever go away, but with these figures they're thrown in everyone's faces again. Funko is so dominant right now in putting out merchandise in the horror genre (and any other genre you can think of), that it's almost an understatement to say they're taking over the World. No one can keep up with them due to how simple their products are, and remain far ahead of all their competitors. To stay up to date on the latest news on upcoming products, tune into their site HERE.


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