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the 5'th xmen movie( excluding the spin-off's, origins and wolverine), this one is set in the year 2023 and the world is devastated by mutant-hunting cyborgs, the sentinels. introduced by Bolliver Trask in 1973, the government was finally convinced to use the sentinels to eliminate mutants, who they were afraid of because of their abilities. However,they got so out of control that they started to kill everyone including humans, animals and the mutants. Now the world is ruled by the sentinels and mutants face extinction, as so few are left. these are: wolverine, professor x, magneto, colossus, ice-man, kitty pride, sunspot, warpath, storm and bishop.They use kitty pride to send wolverine back into the past and stop mystique from assassinating Bolliver Trask, so that the whole future is rewritten

The opening scene

We are first welcomed to a voice-over by professor x explaining the state of the future. He does this in a quite well-done cinematic way and it really sets the tone of the movie. The audience sees the remaining mutants battle the powerful sentinels in a fight for survival, which shows what is at stake in the apocalyptic future. the bit were everyone takes turns to say the idea of sending wolverine to the past is a bit cheesy and cliché and makes the screenplay seem dodgy, but this only happens once.

The future

the future is not featuring a lot in this movie and it focusses more on the past. the battle at the beginning and end are great, but i feel as if there should be more to the future. If there was a separate quest or storyline going on while all that was happening,like colossus and sunspot had to retrieve something or something, it would be a bit more included ( i know there was originally a scene were professor x and ice-man rescue Rouge, but it was deleted and i also think this would be aright if maybe Charles did,t go and a more underused character would have took his place). But in the terms of the big fights, they were really intriguing and was action packed and the emotion visible with wolverine and kitty pride does really make the bits that they do have great.


mystique is,in my opinion, the most important character in this movie. she is the one being hunted the most by Bolliver Trask, it is her DNA in the sentinels to give them the powers and she is the one who must be stopped to pave the future. Jennifer Lawrence does great as the misunderstood mutant with her motives and her fighting scenes are pulled off to amazing effect.

The humour

At the beginning of the movie, the atmosphere is all serious and the same for the end, however once wolverine has entered 1973, all the laughs commence. from wolverine being naked and his attitude towards the men in the apartment and quicksilver's antics as taping guards to a walls and changing up everything in the room amusingly. its all good, but i think it is crammed into one point of the movie and they try to get as many jokes into them scenes as possible. it would be better, in my case, if the humour spread around the film more evenly at different points.


quicksilver is at top form in this movie. This is his first on-screen appearance and it does not disappoint. he is really funny and has a lot of good one-liners. he is only in the movie for about 10 minutes, but what you do see of him, it delivers.

Prison room mix-up

when professor x and wolverine recruit quicksilver to break out magneto from the plastic prison, they have to be saved by quicksilver by switching everything around in the room like a guards fist to his own face, a bullet right past Charles and pointing two guards against each other with guns. All of this is done in slow motion with a song in the background, which shows the funniness and great effects.

Underused characters

I was expecting to see more of the supporting characters. they were just in the battle and they didn't get much characters development. it is also weird how storm was one of the biggest heroes of the franchise, but now she is just limited to this small role because of actor, Halle Berry recent pregnancy.

Plot holes

in my opinion, this movie asks more questions then answers. it hasn't answered how professor x came back to life or how magneto got his powers back. especially at the end as i was left wondering since when did kitty pride have time-travel powers and how did Charles Xavier go to the future through wolverines mind. wolverine's claws are now adamantium again now, even though they got snapped off by the silver samurai in the wolverine.


my biggest point of all is that the story is really hard to keep up with at the end and before you can process what has happened beforehand, another story point has been thrown at you. overall i love the emotion on show between Charles and mystique and the last battle where everyone brutally dies by the hands of the sentinels. the new future is also a very good way to end the film as we find that: Jean grey and Cyclops are still alive, rouge and ice-man are together, as are colossus and kitty pride.

overall the movie is a very revolutionary one and it is now one of my best marvel films ever. there is some plot holes, not very good use of characters and stiff dialogue at the beginning, but Jennifer Lawrence's performance, great set designs, intriguing story and funny lines make up for all these.

4 and a half stars!


what was your best bit about the movie?


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