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Now it is pretty common knowledge that Marvel and Netflix are planning not one but 5 series all of which will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will see Daredevil first followed by Jessica Jones then Luke Cage and finally Iron Fist. Then all 4 series will be combined to create the Defenders series.

OK now that is all refreshed in you memory the Jessica Jones series has been in talks since 2010! In December 2010, it was reported that Melissa Rosenberg was developing a television series for ABC, titled AKA Jessica Jones. But then in November 2011, Rosenberg commented that the series would focus on Jessica Jones, with Carol Danvers and Luke Cage both having prominent roles. During this, it was also confirmed that the series would take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Furthermore, Tony Stark and his company, Stark Industries, were in the current draft of the pilot's script.

So they clearly had plans to have additional characters to the series and given the in depth thinking Marvel have put behind the whole franchise it would be simple to have a couple of characters to cross over into all four series before making the defenders series. Obviously many things have changed since 2010, but Carol could be a perfect choice to cross over from Jessica Jones into Luke Cages series and even being the one to introduce the pair to each other.

Another good point to remember is that both Marvel and DC are reluctant to use a female hero for a big blockbuster, so by having not just Jessica Jones but also Carol Danvers in these series they could be testing the waters to see if a large blockbuster movie would be viable.

What do you guys think? Could Ms Marvel still be planned to be introduced in Jessica Jones's Netflix series?


Would you like to see Carol in Jessica Jones's Netflix series?


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