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Ok, so after doing the first list, I realized I left out a whole bunch of awesome movies, that either got crappy sequels, or didn't get one because the marketing on the movie sucked or was non existent. again, these are in no particular order, but all deserve sequels or remakes, at least in my opinion.

First up on the list, The Punisher. I know it has sequels, but I want a sequel with Thomas Jane. I've seen the so called "sequel" they made, and was extremely disappointed. The original was awesome and they should do the sequel right.

This movie was not that bad. It would have done better at the box office had any money been spent on marketing. I saw a poster in the theater that I used to go to, and all it had was a symbol, not even the name of the movie. I had no idea what it was until it hit DVD and the only thought I remember was "I remember that symbol, but never saw a commercial for it."

This movie had a great premise. Ok the acting could have used a little tweaking, but the storyline itself was awesome. Special effects were cool, and they left it on a cliffhanger. I'd like to see more blowing up of invisible aliens LOL.

OK, I want this one purely for selfish reasons. I mean, who doesn't like Indiana Jones? This cross between James Bond and Tomb Raider. It's the best of both worlds! And I want a sequel mainly to make up for the Crystal Skull LOL. I jest, Crystal Skull wasn't THAT bad, until about the last half hour. Then it started to suck.

Now who wouldn't want to see this one? I mean, it's like a modern day Indiana Jones. Though I'm not sure what else they could do as a story line. He stole the Declaration of Independence in the first one, kidnapped the President and broke into the Library of Congress in the 2nd one, so who knows what they come up with for the 3rd one.

The first one wasn't that bad. Reeves' acting could have been a little better, but all in all the first one was awesome. Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel, or a reboot of this. Not sure what happened for it to not get a sequel.

Now, RUMOR has it a 3rd is in the works, but it's been on again and off again a little. But RDJ is an awesome actor, and i can't wait to see a 3rd one if the rumors are true. Not sure how they're going to do it, because of how the 2nd one ended. Trying not to put spoilers here LOL.

OMGOMGOMG. I would LOVE to see this though i know it's never going to happen. The TV show was freaking awesome, and the movie was even better. So i think a sequel would be WONDERFUL. or they could continue the tv show and have the movie be the series finale or something.

Now this would be awesome. Close up the story a proper way instead of the ambiguous ending the 2nd one had. The first movie was way ahead of it's time in terms of special effects. The 2nd had an awesome storyline, rumor has it a 3rd is in the works, but i don't know how true it is.

Purely selfish reasons on this one. these two have awesome chemistry on screen. They're hilarious together. Though the 3rd one was missing something, but it was still funny. A 4th is rumored to be in development and if that is true, i'm super excited to see it.

So tell me, do you agree with my list? Vote below, or tell me your own opinion in the comments.


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