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Okay so adding onto my article a while back about my hopes for Batman V Superman, I'd like to talk more about the Batman part of the film, mainly his attire. With Kevin Smith pretty much confirming the blue suit from the Dark Knight Returns, I am happy. Blue cowl and cape is something that is WAY overdue. With that being said, a blue cowl gives me some ideas.

What if we get multiple suits? I already talked about how I want this version of Batman to create a suit that is laced with kryptonite (which he also creates himself) for when he fights Superman. You can read about that here.

But what if we see Batman in four suits in this movie? First we see him in this standard suit that's in the picture above. In a flashback we see him at 25 years old in his very first suit (played by a different and younger actor, setting up for future films. Read about that here.) and said suit is First Appearance Batman:

If you are going to adapt one famous suit, might as well adapt another.

In the Batcave we should see his many suits from the past like his Batsuits, the Robin suits, and maybe Batgirl's suit. Next to his First Appearance suit we see a more kevlar/military-esque suit with a brown coloring which we all know as Noel:

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Then finally in the main battle, we see the armored kryptonite suit which I hope looks less like that ridiculous looking armor from the Dark Knight Returns and looks more along the lines of this except with short ears:

Personally I think multiple [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) suits sounds better than one suit. It will allow the viewers to show how much Batman has changed throughout his career. What do you think of this? Tell me in the comments down below!


Would you like to see First Appearance Batman in Batman V Superman?


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