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Troy E. Daniels

Stephen Amell has always been great on Facebook and today was no exception when he pointed all of his followers to an article by TVLine with the caption “Our World Just Got Bigger… “

Welcome to the newest cast member of Arrow, Brandon Routh. Brandon is no novice to the superhero genre after playing the Man of Steel in Superman Returns. He will be joining the cast of Arrow as..

Wait for it…

The Atom. Or more importantly, Ray Palmer. Doctor Palmer (noted physicist) will the new owner of Oliver Queen’s company following the fallout from Season Two. His plans for the Applied Sciences division of Queen Consolidated will be quite secretive indeed according to the article.

With the casting of a new Count Vertigo, Katana, and her husband Maseo this makes four new members to the Arrow cast for season three. The inclusion of another well-known name in DC lore (Ray Palmer) and a superhero to boot (probably not at first) mean big things for the Arrow team as they take off into season three in October of this year.

What do you think pilots? Good casting or bad choice? Whatever the case you have to give Stephen Amell chops for the way he plays facebook. His fans adore him, and we get great scoops as well! Best of luck to Brandon and the rest of the cast, both new and old!

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