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Last July 5th was an special date for all Gillian Flynn's devoted fans around the world, including me. In her best selling novel, Gone Girl, July 5th is the day Amy Elliot-Dunne disappears without leaving any trace and getting her husband in trouble, making him the main suspect of a possible murder. I can't deny this has become one of my favorite books of all time, and certainly, Fincher's movie is my most anticipated movie of 2014. Drama, mystery and suspense makes this plot so interesting.

Weeks ago, the first official trailer was released, teasing a great story, with Affleck, Pike, Harris and Perry starring. For those who read the book, that trailer was almost just dedicated to them, giving us the first pictures of how the genius Fincher would bring this novel to the big screen. However, for those who haven't had the chance of getting into Flynn's universe, the second trailer is way more explicative.

So, for all the lovers and fans of this book and all the moviegoers who share my idea of [Gone Girl](movie:833123) taking Academy Awards home next year, this is my analysis to the second official trailer.

The following post could contain SPOILERS.

The most hated man

The book is divided in two parts: Nick's point of view after the disappearence of his wife and the Amy's diary that the police department found during the investigation. It's no secret this diary will make everyone doubt if Amy was actually happy and that she might have been living with a potential murderer in her recent marriage years.

Just like in the book, Fincher will put Ben Affleck's character alone against the world, and in the way, will make you have the "maybe he's not that bad after all" feeling. But the more you find out about Nick's past, the more you find hard to believe his side of the story.

Ellen Abbot's TV show

In both trailers, we have seen that Ficher (as Flynn in the novel) will give special relevance to the Ellen Abbot interview with Nick Dunne. In this show, Nick will try to speak to the audiences and explain the reasons why he thinks he's innocent and that his wife is alive somewhere, and that she has left by her own will. However, Nick has other purposes with this, he wears the clothes that Amy loves and has the combing she prefers... he's sending a message to his wife.

When Nick and Amy first met

That scene in the dark alley is quite nice, you can clearly see Amy is very happy, and she's walking with Nick as well. In the book, Nick and Amy met each other in a party, where they interchanged numbers, but it was until months after when they casually see each other at the street and start talking again. This sequence can be the first day of the Dunnes as lovers.

Nick's indifference

It seems that Fincher will keep this amazing point from the book: You don't understand why Nick is so calm after her wife is gone. If you were truly desperated, you would not smile in the photos next to the "missing" poster!

At the very beginning, Nick is so irritating, he's not helping to build his image as the bereaved husband.

Amy's Voice-Off

Maybe the one thing that I did not like of the trailer. We know that in a lot of times, trailers use audios or footage that later will not appear in the film, however, it seems defitinive that Fincher will use the voice-over element to tell Amy's point of view before she's gone. Rosamund's voice is beautiful, but I was expecting other kind of narrative tool to present Amazing Amy's side of the story. I mean, he's David Fincher! He can do better than voice-over!

Amy's charm & Desi the stalker

In this second trailer, we finally see how Neil Patrick Harris will look as Desi Collings, an Amy's ex-boyfriend who apparently got obsessed with her after their breakup. Desi will become Nick's main suspect, but no one will support him, so he will have to search proves to complete his theory. In addition, a voice tells us that Amy had this charm that made more than one to fall in love with her.. with no so good consequences. Is Nick the first man to be tormented by this lovely woman?

The treasure hunt

Yes people! Flynn will keep the trasure hunt alive in the movie, by taking Nick to try to find his hidden anniversary present following the clues the missing woman has left over town. In time, Nick will realize her wife was more clever than he thought, and that he's solving the riddles in very special places...

She wanted a gun

Nick has a few "allies" in the first days, like his father in law, who believes Nick has nothing to do with his daughter's disappearence. With a small group of men and detective Rhonda, Nick will have to investigate lots of creepy places, searching for Amy. One of the first things he learns during his personal search, is that his wife was looking to get a gun. She was going to kill someone, or she was very afraid of someone to kill her.

Tanner Bolt

Tyler Perry's character appears in the book when the plot is highly advanced, but it seems that Flynn will cnahge that in the script and make his entrance way earlier to help Nick Dunne legally. Bolt is well known to win hard cases of main suspects that were considered guilty by lots of people.

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Amy's pregnance & the shed

Amy has built the perfect crime: Nick will be accused of murder. But not just that, Amy wants Nick to suffer for real, so she has done everything perfect to leave him no option but to confess. In a very dark shed, she left all the neccesary objecst to prove Nick's guilt, among other things, there are two strange puppets that suggest Amy was pregnant when Nick killed her, what will make the situation even more stressful.

The corpse

The one picture that raise all the questions, for those who have read the book, we know that this does not belong to any of the chapters. Why is Amy drowning? That is definetely not a motel pool! I can only imagine this belongs to a nightmare or a hallucination.


What's your reason to expect "Gone Girl"?

Gone Girl is directed by David Fincher, starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike and Tyler Perry. Opens next October 3rd.


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