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It's been nearly two years since The Twilight Saga reached its conclusion with Breaking Dawn — Part 2, and close to SIX years since the first Twilight hit theaters. Yet, to this very day, fans of the Kristen Stewart-, Robert Pattinson- and Taylor Lautner-led movie franchise have remained dedicated, which is why we continue to talk about it every chance we get.

However, even though there’s a die-hard following of Twihards in existence, there are also plenty of people who didn’t feel the love. In fact, some of the reviews were so bad at the time, we just had to share 'em with you guys so you can vent along with us because we’re STILL not over 'em.

"Put simply, it lacks fangs."
—EDGE Boston

"My hope is that the sequels are actual attempts at movies. The world doesn't need any more toothless cinema."

"If you’re a fan of the book, I’m so sorry."

"The film progresses in a manner that’s more comatose than undead."

—KC Active

"The term 'meh' was added to the dictionary this week, and just in time."

"There are certain things we've come to expect from vampire movies. They are either violent or sexy, or both. Twilight is neither."
—Film School Rejects

"No, it's not as bad as you think. It's actually worse."
Philadelphia Weekly

"The High School Musical of vampire films."
Baltimore Sun

"So bad that you might expect it’s intended as a campy send-up of its source… The worst-case scenario is that it's a truly faithful reflection of the quality of the novel."
—One Guy’s Opinion

"Forget the hand-holding tweens in the audience — Twilight itself could use a chaperone."
—Larsen on Film

Are you a die-hard Twihard? Or do you feel similarly to the critics above? Tell us all your Twi-related thoughts!

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