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Since the 1960s, the South Korean government imposed a ban on all Japanese media, and this includes animes. South Korea is pretty much known for its anime-style interpretations of cartoons and various Japanese animes, and these include Robot Taekwon V (based off of Japan's Mazinger Z), Space Gundam V (based off of Macross, Brave Raideen, and Trider G7, but despite its name is not related to Mobile Suit Gundam), Micro Commando Diatron 5 (based off of the Diaclone series), and Phoenix-bot Phoenix King (based off of Transformers).

In 1981, South Korea released a highly popular robot anime that I thought was pretty darn good, and that, my friends, is Robot King (로보트 킹). Robot King is a Super Robot/Mecha film whose title character looks like a villain, as you can see in the poster, but is actually a hero. So far, I only saw the first 22 minutes of the film, thanks to the magic of YouTube! The film is centered around two boys and one girl who pilot a giant robot and defeat crazy villains that are attacking the world. The robot looks rather menacing and primitive, but looks pretty fancy!

Video Ranger 007, however, is something that I had not seen before. I did see the poster when I was reading on a Japanese website detailing South Korean robot anime. I managed to translate the Korean title on my iPod, since the website was only in Japanese. I saw the poster, and the way it looks, is like a cross between Diaclone and the James Bond franchise, due to the way the poster used the trademarked "007" logo. The poster also showed a Diaclone-style robot that is carrying some sort of energy sword. When I translated the title from Korean to English, it instantly reminded me of the 1940s classic Captain Video & his Video Rangers, but that would be something different. When I was reading about this anime, I learned that it was based directly off of a Japanese anime from the 1980's called Video Warrior Laserion. Both Laserion and Video Ranger 007 feature a mix of both the Super Robot concept with that of virtual reality. The robots in both animes also transform into figher planes. I saw only the first 13 minutes of 007 on YouTube, but I had not seen any of Laserion. I think 007 might be a good South Korean anime, and it may be the best one from the mid-1980's.


Which do you think is better and why?


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