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You probably recognize this face as Clark Kent from the 2006 release Superman Returns, but now Brandon Routh is taking on a lesser-known DC character for the upcoming third season of Arrow.

Today TVLine revealed that Routh has been cast as Ray Palmer, aka Atom, for the upcoming season. He will appear as the new owner of Queen Consolidated (with some obvious emphasis on the science and research division!) and possibly as love interest for Felicity.

It's safe to say that he has definitely got the right look for the part (then again, he's one of those actors who looks born to play a superhero. Or a store mannequin!), and he will be joining a cast that is already ridiculously good-looking!

Well hellooooooo...
Well hellooooooo...

Stephen Amell, (Arrow) is another one of those actors who put many a male model to shame in the looks department, and the rest of the cast (women included) are just as stunning.

Just LOOK at them!
Just LOOK at them!

It's a smart move by the brains behind the show; while we may like to pretend otherwise, we all love watching pretty people bring our favorite heroes to life. Personally, I'm thrilled at this latest casting, and cannot wait to see what happens with the third season (especially with that little crossover in the Flash pilot!!).

Of course, this excitement simply has to do with wanting the show to continue to be a success, and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it is filmed right here in my home city. I mean, bumping into these guys at Starbucks would hold no interest for me. At all. Obviously. *ahem

What do you think about this latest casting? Comment below and let me know!


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