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Rose Moore

It's been two years since James Gunn took on the massive epic that is Guardians of the Galaxy, and today he announced that he is finally finished.

On his Facebook page, Gunn wrote a gratitude-filled message about his work on the project, and how thrilled he is with the finished product.

Well, other than finalizing the 3D, I'm officially wrapped on Guardians of the Galaxy and on my way to the airport to fly to Singapore to begin the press wing of this journey. I saw some amazing VFX shots today to wraps things up. I couldn't be feeling more gratitude and love for all the people who have helped create this film. However the audiences take it, there's not a single dishonest or impure bone in Guardians' cinematic body - and that's a hell of a thing for a spectacle film of this size with so many people involved. Best experience of my life. Thank you all.

It's wonderful to hear how proud he is of the integrity of the film, and his obvious love for the finished product makes me even more excited for the release on August 1st (I wasn't even aware that was possible!).


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