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I just got back from the IMAX First Look for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, and it was amazing! The preview was only 17 minutes long, and showcased one long sequence, followed by shorter clips to finish off. If you don't want to hear what the preview contained, click away now, extremely minor spoilers ahead.

It started with and intro from Director James Gunn, welcoming the audience to the preview. The footage began with the rap-sheet scene from the first trailer, as John C. Reily's Rhomann Dey introduced the team via their crimes. Then, we see Quill, Gamora, Rocket, and Groot being taken to their cells in the space-prison. They make awkward conversation, as Peter tries to pry information from Gamora about the orb, while being confused at Groot's limited vocabulary. Peter gets distracted and upset when a guard messes with his Walkman, playing Blue Suede's Hooked on a Feeling from the previous trailers. Peter is tazed, and the scene cuts to Peter being hosed down with an orange liquid substance before being taken to quarters. We also see Rocket here, sans clothes, just fur. Peter notices Rocket's back, where there seems to be some sort of implanted tech, alluding to his past experimentation.

The next scene shows the group together again the the prison cafeteria/commons, as Groot and Rocket assert their authority over the inmates. Rocket describes what he needs for their escape, which includes one of the guard's arm bands, a battery, and one of the inmates prosthetic leg. Groot removes the battery from the wall too early, however, and the entire compound descends into chaos. Gamora collects the arm band, Peter the leg, while Rocket, Groot, and Drax (joining the group late) go to town on the guards and robots in a fantastic action sequence. The group breaks into the guard tower, and Rocket works his magic to turn the tower into an escape pod.

The next section of the preview showed a montage of short clips, and one 1-2 minute clip of a conversation that takes place much later than the prison break, since the whole team is together. Peter claims to have a plan, much to Rocket's disbelief. When pressed, he admits to having around 12% of a plan (Avengers reference???). He is mocked by the crew, mostly the uber-talkative Rocket. The rest of the preview played out much like a trailer, with short seconds-long clips and the title.

From the 17 minutes that I have now seen, Guardians of the Galaxy completely lives up to both the hype and the Marvel name. The action is great, the special effects are fantastic, and its funny as a movie with aliens and a talking raccoon should be (not that Rocket is aware of what a raccoon is).

Guardians of The Galaxy is definitely one to see, so make sure you see it when it hits theaters on August 1.


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