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Joe Virgili

OK so I understand nothing can hold up to originality but i still don't believe all the hate is justifiable. I would have loved to see Robert Englund in A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) but lets face it he is getting up there in age and he brought a campy side to Freddy that the writer wanted to stay clear of. Now it was weird seeing Freddy and hearing the batman style raspy voice but i will say Jackie Earl Haley brought Freddy back to the dark side.Also the remake was the original story that wasn't able to be done outside of sub text in the original of Fred Kreuger being a child molester as well as a child killer.

I will agree that the remake of Friday the 13th was no where near amazing I am a fan and it looked promising. Where it failed was bringing all the typical horror aspects into it such as the one black guy dies they smoke pot they die. Where it failed it also made me somewhat happy to see them go in the direction of adding points from the first through the third original films such as Mrs. Vorheese death the bag/sack over his face and finally gaining his legendary hockey mask. Where i think they could made it better is if they would have done the classic 3 act style some would argue they did but if this were true Mrs.Vorheese would a bigger role as opposed to dying in the opening scene.

Evil Dead is regarded as one of the best remakes and its easy to see why they took legendary scenes from Sam Raimi's classic and modernized it,this could be due to it being made by the producers of the original. I didn't like the fact that they took the direction that the trip was for an intervention as opposed to a camping trip of friends.

Not many people know scarface is actually a remake of a movie from I believe the 60's. They are talking about remaking it once again I am not a fan of this idea simpley because they knocked it out of the park with the Brian De Palma classic.

These are just my opinions if you agree or disagree feel free to let me know in the comments also these are just a few of the many remakes to come out of Hollywood I wish i could cover all of them but alas time is not on my side once again thank you for reading.


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