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Marvel and DC have been hashing it out for years when it comes to fans and popularity, and today is no different. With Marvel and Disney teaming up as such a massive powerhouse, it's not a wonder that they have been dominating both large and smalll screens. DC is trying to do the same thing, with television with such shows as 'Arrow', 'Gotham', and the upcoming reboot of the new 'Flash' series coming soon. But, over the years, there have been so many heroes that both sides have made that have had a small measure of success, but to me, were not given the full measure of their potential while they were in print.

Being an avid comic fan for many years, there are so many stories that are out there that have only had a standard run in ink-and-paint form on the page and the occassional appearance on one fo the animated shows or series like the one mentioned above. Below are my ideas of some characters that would make for excellent movie-making stardom for the future, and I don't know if they would agree with me (* ahem say Avi Arad?), but if these were rfilms being made. I would definitely pay double, if not TRIPLE, the standard ticket price if they would give these some massive consideration. I mean, who can argue with success stories like the two 'Thor' films, 'The Avengers', the two 'Captain America' projects, 'Iron Man', blah...blah...blah. I think the reader gets my point.

Now, let me open your mind a little, and get a gander at these BAD BOYS! :

1) 'The Question', DC Comics: The Question's history goes back as far as 1968 when he was introduced in 'Mysterious Suspense' in Charter Comics. The character, Vic Sage, is an investigative journalist looking into the dubious doings of one Dr. Barby Twain, who developed a form of artificial skin called Pseudoform, which covered the features of the wearer but was fatal if exposed to open wounds. Donning the skin, Sage turnes into a reluctant crimefighter who will stop at nothing to expose Twain, even if it means killing to do so. DC Comics picked it up later and gave Sage's story a harder edge by making him a very strong anti-hero, conflicted between how far to go and not go in the search for justice in the corrupted metropolis of Hub City. While many anti-heroes have been created over the years, a faceless one to me would be one that would have an even creepier effect. (* If anyone says Rorshach from' Watchmen', I'll scream! He had a MASK!)

2) 'Dr. Fate', DC Comics : There have been several Dr. Fates in the DC Universe since the 1940's, but the fact that every one of them is an Egyptian sorceror makes it all that much more entertaining for me. The Doctors' derive their power from the Helmet of Nabu, an ancient Egyptian artifact which carries the spirit of the long-gone Nabu but gives the wearer his powers and abilities. To further accent that, there is an amulet and other magical devices that increase the bearer's powers exponentially. However, the power comes at a cost, which could mean either the wearer could possibly go insane or even die if he does not learn to control his powers. Sounds totally awesome!

3) 'Darkhawk', Marvel Comics : When Queens native Christopher Powell sees his cop dad accepting bribes, the young teen takes it upon himself to become Darkhawk, an android who he wsweaps minds with to fight against the Marvel universe's greatest villains. Pure sci-fi delight!

4) 'Justice League Dark' - DC Comics : As you all know, I am a great lover of all things paranormal. When I learned of this team of Justice Leaguers, all I thought was WOW! John Constantine (aka HellBlazer), Zatarra, Deadman, Black Orchid, Doctor Mist, Frankenstein(*yes, I said FRANKENSTEIN!), Mindwarp, Nightmare Nurse, and even Swamp Thing! A Justic League group charged with protecting the world from the supernatural evils that look to destroy us all. Okay, studios, let's get this going!

5) 'Midnight Sons', Marvel - Formed by Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze, the Midnight sons were created to stop a demon invasion upon the Earth . Calling upon the services of Morbius, The Nightstalkers, and even the Darkhold Redeemers, the story arcs went through several different franchises, including 'Blaze', 'Blade', and 'Ghost Rider' before receiving its own franchise later. Marvel or DC teams for this? You decide?

6) 'Dark Avengers', Marvel - Every good-guy team has its anti-hero counterpart, and they have been becoming infamous in both universes lately. This one is no different. Led by Harry Osbourne (aka Green Goblin), this group's purpose is for one thing only: the pursuit of his own power! Donning the Iron Patriot outfit and gathering troops around him, Osborne dons the garb of 'hero', but with, let us say, 'non-hero' results! C'mon guys, let's play with this one.

7) 'Moon Knight', DC Comics- Another crimefiighter steeped in Egyptian magic and mysticism, 'Moon Knight' chronicles the life of former mercenary Marc Spector, who turns his life around after a job gone wrong almost leaves him dead in the Eyptian desert. But, saved by the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu, Spector then becomes his avatar on Earth, fighting crime under the guise of a hitman-for-hire working for a criminal organization known only as 'The Committee'. What can I say? Egypt stories are another huge fetish or mine.

8) 'Static', Milestone Comics - Okay, forget WB's 'Static Shock'! Give me the real thing! A young teen with the power of static electricity? That is going to make for a great movie, if done correctly.

9) 'Deadman', DC Comics - By far, one of my most FAVORITE characters that have ever been created for a comic that should get a movie. The story revolves around Boston Brand, a trapeze artist that is brutally murdered during one of his performances. Now a ghsot, his is given the power to possess others in order to find out who murdered him and why. A very human story (*though the whole POSESSION thing? Hmmmm.....). Anyway, it has a strong human core which says a lot concerning a comic character. Not since 'Watchmen' and 'Ghost Rider', has there been an idea such as this that was more than bang, zap, and pow! Look here, guys!

10) 'The Spectre', DC Comics- Are we seeing a trend here? What can I say? As I have said in my bio, I never follow the trends. No matter how good they may be. A spirit embodied in God's anger, the Spectre passes judgment on those that choose to disobey both the laws of men and the Laws Of God. I would hate to meet this guy in a dark alley!

So, there you have it. These are movies to me that would be box-office magic, just like others that I may have mentioned in a previous article. What do you think?


Who do you think has the cool beans to get a future feature???


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